100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 100: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (11)

Yin Sha was naturally telling the truth.

However, only the grand duke and senior officials knew about this. Thus, when those ‘rats’ reported to the gatekeepers that the emperor’s future consort was locked up at the POW camp, the knights instantly tensed up.

Actually, possessing the title ‘the emperor’s imperial consort’ wasn’t all that significant. But, no one dared to take this matter lightly because the princess had once been bestowed to the grand duke. When it came to the grand duke, they didn’t dare to be contemptuous.

They reported this matter to their superior, and the latter quickly passed on this news to the high-ranking officials. The senior official deliberated about this for a moment. In the end, he decided to report this to Grand Duke Ludwig.


The young man tapped on the table, his slender fingers reflected in the light, appearing smooth like jade.

The knight examined the grand duke’s expression but couldn’t make out anything from the latter’s handsome face.

Without his black-colored majestic cloak, Hale von Ludwig was wearing only an unlined garment, seemingly about to retire for the night. However, his attire wasn’t the least bit disheveled, with buttons meticulously buttoned up to his neck and cufflinks neatly fastened.

His long eyelashes covered his charming azure eyes as he lowered his gaze, deep in thought.

Since the other party has already given away her identity in front of so many people… Should I just take her out of the POW camp and send her to the Imperial Palace? It’s not that troublesome anyway.

He nodded his head and stood up.

The knight was slightly stunned by his sudden movement and tentatively asked, “Lord Ludwig, should I go back and bring her here for your inspection?”

The grand duke’s figure was reflected in the light, casting a slender shadow on the ground. He casually picked up his cloak and indifferently said, “Let’s proceed to the POW camp.”

The knight bobbed respectfully and replied, “Yes, My Lord.”


The ‘rats’ were cleared out early in the morning. The tall and solemn-looking knights armed with swords surrounded the barracks in an orderly manner. There was also a group of knights standing in the aisle with serious expressions on their faces, their posture upright.

Yin Sha hugged her arms and huddled in the corner, her heart shivering due to anxiety.

Earlier, she was so scared that she gave away their identities. Actually, selling Ai Chu out and pushing her into the emperor’s arms was a small matter. But, the problem was that Ai Chu had fled the arranged marriage. If the emperor gets angry…

Well, at least I’m the one who brought this matter to light and, in turn, gave the emperor the chance to capture Ai Chu. With this merit, I don’t think I will be punished with her, right…?

She was anxiously pondering over this matter when she heard the sound of military boots clacking against the floor approach at an unhurried pace.

Her heart pounded harder with every clack. 

The clacks seemed to have some kind of magnetic force that made everyone turn their head towards the sound.

A young knight walked in and bowed his head respectfully before leading another man in.

When the man’s handsome features came into view, everyone was stunned.

His figure was concealed under the majestic military cloak, his military boots fitted snugly around his calves. There were tassels hanging from his shoulders, and from his slender neck upward was an astonishingly handsome face with golden hair and azure eyes, deadly and charming.

Yu Chu thought: Fudge, it’s Feng Qing! As expected of the Lord God. As he walked in, this aura he emitted…it was as if he were taking a stroll in the palace instead of paying a visit to this eerie place.

The system soon announced: [This time’s target is not that easy to win over. As you can see, he’s handsome, aloof, and indifferent.]

Yu Chu appeared to have experienced all the vicissitudes of life. She inwardly murmured, “If I can win him over, that’s for the best. If not, then it’s just fate.”

After all was said and done, she just had no confidence in herself.

If Feng Qing personally liked her, she didn’t need to do much. In that case, as long they got acquainted and stayed in touch for a longer period, his soul fragments would fall in love with her unconditionally.

If he didn’t like her, then no matter how hard she tried, there was still a chance of failure. 

How on earth did Little Anmore and God Su fall in love with me? Yu Chu herself didn’t quite understand this.

It couldn’t be that Feng Qing has been secretly in love with me all along, right? No way… He’s so indifferent towards everything and doesn’t take anything to heart, so that’s impossible…

Yu Chu thought that she must have gone crazy to have considered this.

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1 year ago

He obviously was in love with her perviously. But she self confidence. :<
Many thanks

1 year ago

As someone who read the Mtl version, her last word was very funny.

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