100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 101: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (12)

Yu Chu couldn’t help but feel a little melancholic.

Ludwig’s azure eyes swept over the two black-haired girls in the cell, and he slightly frowned as he indifferently asked, “Which of you is the princess?”

Yu Chu was about to calmly answer that it was her, but the other maiden beat her to it and hurriedly answered with a high-pitched voice, “It’s—it’s me!”

Yu Chu: “…”

She remained composed and even wanted to laugh at those words.

Even though Yin Sha was posing as her, Yu Chu wasn’t in a rush to expose her lie. She merely turned her head and glanced at the maiden, only to see the latter’s earlier deathly pale complexion flushed crimson. Moreover, Yin Sha’s eyes were practically glued to that imposing man’s body.

The corner of Yu Chu’s mouth twitched.

She couldn’t be thinking that he’s the emperor, right? 

Those men even mentioned the emperor’s features while chitchatting earlier, so Yu Chu didn’t assume that Yin Sha would be as stupid as to think that way.

However, she had undoubtedly overestimated that girl’s IQ…

Yin Sha’s head was now completely filled with the aloof Ludwig’s handsome face and slender figure.

When the other party glanced over with his charming azure eyes, she forgot to breathe and was almost smothered by his handsomeness.

Seeing the knights’ respectful attitude towards the man, Yin Sha couldn’t think of any other nobleman with that much authority other than the emperor.

Those men from earlier had never seen the emperor, so what they said could also be inaccurate. Besides, these knights belonged to the imperial army, so how could they possibly be so respectful towards someone other than the emperor?

Yin Sha felt that there was nothing wrong with her judgment.

The young and beautiful authoritative man didn’t even have to do anything, and he had captivated her heart and soul.

At this moment, she didn’t bother to mention that ‘she’ had run away from the arranged marriage. She merely blushed in a shy manner when her eyes met that man’s gaze. She then quickly retracted her gaze and hesitantly added, “I… I came here with my maid.”

She said those words smoothly because she was confident that Ai Chu wouldn’t dare to expose her with that cowardly nature of hers.

Besides, the others in the cell weren’t aware of their true identities either.

The knights remained unmoved, looking straight ahead. Simultaneously, the women in the cell, who were unaware of the situation, secretly sized Ludwig up. They couldn’t help but feel a little envious of the black-haired girl.

Yu Chu looked on indifferently and didn’t say anything.

Yin Sha most likely didn’t notice anything, but she did. Although the grand duke’s expression remained stoic, she was pretty sure that whatever he thought of the ‘runaway princess’ was certainly not commendatory.

She wasn’t going to screw up Yin Sha’s plans. If Yin Sha wants to seduce him, then she could go ahead and try.

Yu Chu then lowered her head in silence.

Ludwig narrowed his eyes slightly, his pupils the beautiful blue color of the lake. He quietly stared at the young girl who was explaining things and then moved his gaze away to look at the other silent girl sitting in the corner of the cell.

That young maiden had her head lowered.

He stared at her for a few seconds.

However, she never looked up. Amidst the group of women eyeing him with fervent gazes, she was the only one who seemed disinterested in what Yin Sha had said and his identity.


He suddenly frowned and averted his eyes. He lifted his hand to adjust his collar with slight displeasure and silently stared at the chattering young girl.

From his subtle movements, the knight next to him keenly noticed his displeasure.

Grand Duke Ludwig had always been stern and indifferent. His emotions were hardly ever revealed, so the knight couldn’t help but feel a bit surprised, but he didn’t dare to inquire more about it.

Yin Sha knelt respectfully on the ground, tilting her head in a motion that exposed her neck. The ragged clothes wrapped around her body revealed her perfect curves, making it an enticing sight.

Sasha was looking on with sarcasm when she saw Yin Sha desperately try to display her charm and tenderly say, “So, you are my future…”

Yona’s Corner:
I had time to translate this today and decided to post it earlier, hope you enjoyed this bonus chapter ^^

See you again on Monday~

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That stupid maid better die soon hah, hope she suffer a lot before dying though

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