100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 102: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (13)

If it were not for the circumstances, Sasha would have certainly laughed out loud.

Yin Sha’s behavior was truly too unsightly.

Sasha’s gaze swept across the cell and saw that the other women’s eyes were also glued to that imposing man’s body, so she couldn’t help but grunt inwardly.

She didn’t like men, so she really didn’t understand these women. What’s so great about men?

Her eyes then fell on the figure sitting in the corner.

That girl was the only one who didn’t pay much attention to all of this.

Her long black-colored hair fell loosely around her tiny face, illuminating her pure black eyes and beautiful complexion.

Sasha couldn’t help but lick her lips at the sight and lowered her head slightly to hide the intense desire in her eyes.

Yin Sha was still coquettishly stroking her hair in a seductive manner when Ludwig’s eyes once again swept over the indifferent maiden sitting in the corner. His azure pupils darkened slightly, and he indifferently asked, “Since there is a marriage alliance between your country and the empire, why are you here?”

Yin Sha choked and subconsciously glanced at Yu Chu, but the latter had her head lowered and didn’t bother with her. Thus, she bit her lip and replied, “I… It was my most trusted maid; she lied to me and took me out of the palace. I have never left the palace, so I don’t know the way back.”

She then looked up with a grateful and tender gaze. “By the grace of God, fortunately, I’ve run into you.”

Ludwig remained expressionless and glanced at Yu Chu. “Why did she lie to you?”

“…” Yin Sha stammered, “It…it must be that she’s…jealous of me, for having a great man like you as my…”

In the face of that pair of beautiful but emotionless azure eyes, Yin Sha unexpectedly couldn’t bring herself to say that last word.

This person donning a military uniform emitted a slightly cold and solemn aura. The silver buttons on his uniform glistened in the firelight as he looked on sternly. As one stared at his beautiful blond hair, fair forehead, and cold eyes, one couldn’t really link the word ‘husband’ and him together. 

It was as if he stood high above the masses, like a revered monarch. His image alone was cold and solitary, making it impossible for others to associate him with women and family.

Yin Sha was choked off.

Lugwig’s pure azure eyes calmly fell on Yin Sha for a second. He then expressionlessly said, “Handle this according to the law.”

The knight beside him was momentarily stunned. He then bowed his head in response, “Yes, My Lord.” That woman actually mistook the grand duke for the emperor. Although the grand duke didn’t bother to explain, his mood was certainly sullen after she’d compared him to that unaccomplished emperor.

As for escaping an arranged marriage… According to the empire’s law, the party that fled would have at least one pinky finger cut off as punishment.

Yin Sha escaped the emperor’s arranged marriage, so cutting off one of her fingers was already letting her off lightly.

The knight turned his head and instructed his subordinates to bring her out. He then cast a puzzled look at Ludwig and gingerly asked, “My Lord… Uhm, are you staying to oversee the punishment in person?”

They had already decided on the punishment, so this matter was basically settled. Following this, they could simply assign a knight to stay behind to carry out the punishment, and the rest of them could leave.

Ludwig’s handsome face remained stoic as he responded, “Mhmm.”


The knights, who stayed behind, were dumbfounded.

Yin Sha was quickly dragged out. When she saw the knight drew his sword and stare at her with a stern expression, she stared at him in horror. She struggled to get up with all her might. “What are you doing? I, I’m here for the marriage alliance—”

“Shut up!” Although Ludwig remained silent, the knight commander finally couldn’t help himself and scolded, “This is Grand Duke Ludwig, not His Majesty the Emperor. You have fled His Majesty’s arranged marriage, and by law, you should be punished!”


Yin Sha’s eyes widened.

—He’s not His Majesty the Emperor?

Her mind went blank, and she froze in place.

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