100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 103: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (14)

When the knight raised his sword, Yin Sha suddenly cried out, “No—I wasn’t the one who fled the marriage! It’s her! She’s the princess; I’m just her maid! She was the one who brought me here. It’s her!”

She was obviously frightened by the current state of affairs.

Yu Chu, who was mentioned once again: “…”

That woman is truly a natural-born drama queen.

The raised sword suspended in mid-air, and the knight looked back at his superiors for instructions.

The knight commander calmly glanced at Ludwig beside him. Since the grand duke remained silent, he moved his gaze to the other black-haired girl in the cell and asked in a deep voice, “What do you have to say about her confession?”

Geez, it’s finally my turn to speak.

Yu Chu was so touched.

She didn’t speak immediately. She first supported herself up from the ground and stood up with great difficulty. Due to the lack of strength, she swayed a little halfway and almost fell back.

However, she quickly steadied herself. She then graciously lifted her tattered skirt and bobbed a curtsy, gently replying, “Sir, she’s telling the truth, but it’s only partially true.”

When one compared her mannerism with Yin Sha’s poor gestures, one could make out at a glance who was the real princess and who wasn’t. 

The knight commander immediately frowned and gestured to two of his subordinates, “In that case, let’s switch the person to be tortured.”

Yu Chu then unhurriedly asked, “Sir, could you please hear me out?”

The knight commander frowned and was about to berate her when a faint, indifferent voice sounded beside him, “Go ahead and speak.”

As such, those words were stuck in his throat.

Oh, Feng Qing is the best!

Yu Chu couldn’t help but glance at Ludwig. When her gaze met those icy azure pupils, she revealed a grateful smile.

Ludwig, though, remained expressionless.

When her gaze shifted to Yin Sha, who was held down by the knight, she calmly continued, “Her previous statements were also partly true. In fact, it was not my intention to run away from the marriage. She was the one who tricked me out of the palace and has been torturing me all this way, ordering me about as if I were her maid.”

The knight commander now believed her words, nine out of ten.

Moreover, the two maiden’s appearance made it all the more convincing. One appeared wan and sallow, while the other had a more radiant complexion.

Yin Sha struggled desperately and hysterically yelled, “She’s lying! She chose to run away from the marriage herself because she wanted to elope with that poor painter!”

Ludwig’s eyelashes lightly flickered.

Yin Sha gasped for breath. Even though Ludwig wasn’t even looking at her, she stared at him with pleading eyes. “I’m just a maid. I have no reason to trick her out of the palace!”

The knight commander cast another glance at Ludwig. Seeing that there was no change in the grand duke’s expression, he pondered for a moment before looking at Yu Chu. “What else do you have to say?”

Yu Chu curtsied again. “Initially, I also didn’t understand Yin Sha’s behavior. However, the lie she told earlier might be exactly her true thoughts. She was probably jealous of me for having the good fortune of marrying into the empire as the emperor’s imperial consort.”

Her words made sense. The knight commander thought.

After all, that maiden was the one who said those words earlier, and it wasn’t something that this polite princess made up.

He nodded and was just about to say something when Ludwig asked with an indifferent tone, “What about the elopement?”

Ludwig paused momentarily. Then, with a calm voice as if he was asking about a major military secret, he repeated with an expressionless face, “How do you explain that part? Didn’t you do that voluntarily?”

The knight commander was once again dumbfounded.

With the grand duke’s status, even if the other party’s identity was extraordinary, he simply had to hand out the general instructions. A thorough interrogation like this should have been handed over to his subordinates.

Now, a group of senior officials like them was here with several battalions of knights standing by outside. Even the grand duke was here in person. It was such a colossal battle array, yet their main target was just a young girl, and they were merely discussing some trivial gossip…?

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1 year ago

Knights of the Duke be like, your grace, did you bring us here to gossip???@o@???

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