100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 104: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (15)

#What’s up with this inexplicable provocation?#

Yu Chu curtsied politely and replied, “I naturally didn’t volunteer. In fact, I’m not very familiar with that gentleman. He and Yin Sha are a couple.”

She sweetly added, “The knights who brought us back can testify to that. When they ran into us, Yin Sha was the one being intimate with that gentleman.”

Yin Sha opened her mouth, but her throat was dry.

Inside the cell, Yu Chu looked over in her direction and gently added, “At that time, I told the sirs that we were preparing to go to the Imperial Capital to settle down, but that was a lie. I wasn’t sure whether the sirs would have believed me if I told them the truth then and there. If the sirs didn’t believe me and I fell into Yin Sha’s hands, I would have suffered an even worst fate. However, if I said that in front of the sirs, Yin Sha would have no choice but to go with me to the empire. And, once we finalize the household registration, my identity would be revealed sooner or later.”

She smiled and continued, “I have planned this out so meticulously. Besides, with how eager I am to get back my identity, how could I have fled the arranged marriage voluntarily?”

Her explanation was watertight.

Yin Sha stared at her, dumbfounded.

Yu Chu thought: Hmph! If this daddy doesn’t make a move, then all is fine. But, once I do, the vermins would have no choice but to cry rivers of tears.

Yin Sha couldn’t say anything to refute and instantly burst into tears. “No, she lied! You can call Luo Lang over to testify. They really eloped together!”

A group of tall knights turned to look at one another in silence. They found it quite exciting as they continued to listen to the gossips.

Yu Chu lowered her head. It seemed that she found it hard to continue as she finally whispered, “I can’t deny that towards me, Mr. Luo Lang seemed to…”

Everyone stared at her. In the end, she sighed and slowly continued, “He…had forced himself on me once.”

As soon as those words left her mouth, Ludwig’s azure pupils instantly constricted, setting off ripples of indiscernible emotions.

The knight commander looked at her in shock.

Yu Chu’d said this on purpose.

As for her intention…

She smiled helplessly and unhurriedly added, “Fortunately, he didn’t get his way. But after experiencing all this, I’m no longer qualified to be His Majesty’s consort. If His Majesty is merciful and willing to forgive me, I will bring my faith with me to the church.”

That was to say that she’d become a nun, never to marry for the rest of her life.

Upon hearing her explanation, they could obviously make out that the princess was a victim and not the one at fault.

Although she had gotten away with it when that man tried to assault her, the emperor surely wouldn’t marry her lest this issue becomes a laughingstock in the future.

As for the punishment, they couldn’t possibly punish her.

She was a victim, yet she was ready to become a nun. No one could find fault with this.

It seemed that they could only let her be… That was if what she’d said at the end was the truth.

The knight commander was about to ask for concrete evidence of ‘the attempted assault’ when Ludwig interrupted in a low voice, “Carry out the punishment.”


Carry out the punishment? Who should they punish?

The knight commander turned his head with a confused look, only to find the grand duke staring quietly at the cell. “Let her go.”

Someone immediately opened the cell door and let Yu Chu out.

Now, it was obvious as to whom they should punish.

Two knights detained Yin Sha, their faces expressionless amidst the latter’s hysterical cries.

Yin Sha wept bitter tears and desperately struggled to plead for mercy as she stared in Ludwig’s direction. She kept screaming and pointing out that Yu Chu was lying. Ludwig’s ice-cold handsome face swept a glance at her before indifferently instructing, “She’d betrayed her master; handle this according to the law.”

The knight commander froze.

According to the law, if a servant betrayed their master, then the punishment wouldn’t be as simple as losing a single finger.

Ludwig lowered his long eyelashes and walked to the side of the aisle before turning his head back, faintly calling out, “You…”

His thin, sexy lips pursed slightly.

The light reflected off those captivating azure pupils as he added, “Come here.”

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