100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 105: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (16)

The knight commander’s eyes widened in surprise.

The knights standing with their heads held high along the aisle also had a strange look in their eyes. Still, they remained stoic with the torches’ light reflecting off their side profiles and the other half of their faces hidden in the shadows, resembling a row of medieval statues.

Yu Chu was also momentarily stunned, raising her eyes to stare at the aloof man’s slender back. His black cloak made him appear all the more majestic and imposing.

As if she had just returned to her senses, she hurriedly lifted the hem of her ragged dress and walked past the dumbfounded Yin Sha to stand obediently behind the man.

The knight commander took a step forward and stammered, “My…My Lord, are you going to interrogate her in person?”

This kind of trivial matter should be left to the subordinates.

How can I trouble the grand duke with this?

The handsome young man turned back. His azure eyes looked over indifferently as he calmly asked, “Would that be an issue?”

The knight commander was startled, feeling shivers run down his spine. He quickly lowered his head and respectfully answered, “No, My Lord.”

Though he’d said that, he was actually quite astounded by this.

Grand Duke Ludwig had never shown any willingness to approach a woman before. This young heir was usually very cold and aloof, to the point that he seemed like an otherworldly person.

His clothes were always neat, without a single wrinkle, and his life had always been rigorous, like that of a precision instrument.

This was one of the reasons why his subordinates revere him.

Although he had never lost his temper, his expression was always cold and stoic. Coupled with his strict and perfectionist nature, he gave off an imposing aura that made others look up to him with reverence.

This inflexible and indifferent character of his often made others forget his actual age.

That he was, in fact, just a twenty-year-old young man.

Thus, when the knights saw the grand duke actually beckoning a woman over, they couldn’t help but tense up. They subconsciously began to wonder: This seemingly simple ‘fleeing an arranged marriage’ case, could it be that there’s more to it than meets the eye? Were some important hidden details overlooked?

The knight commander was even more appalled and on tenterhooks.

He actually asked such a stupid question earlier. He didn’t decode the hidden purpose behind this matter and even expressed doubts towards the grand duke’s decision… that must’ve been the stupidest thing he’d ever done.

He lowered his head somewhat nervously and stared towards the ground in front of him, his gaze landing on the young girl’s delicate ankles.

Yu Chu stood behind Ludwig and stole a glance at him. She stealthily moved forward and drew closer to sound out his attitude towards her.

A faint, alluring fragrance with a hint of coolness traveled to her nose. Yu Chu wrung her hands and waited for a few seconds, but she didn’t hear any words of reprimand.

It seemed that he wasn’t displeased with her inching closer.

Yu Chu was delighted and felt that she’d a chance.

Ludwig gave her a sidelong glance. Those charming eyes of his remained cold, but Yu Chu was unaffected by it and happily smiled at him.

Ludwig didn’t react to her ingratiating smile. After one glance, he turned around and left.

Yu Chu hurriedly followed.

Ludwig’s slender figure disappeared at the end of the walkway, with Yu Chu trailing behind him. The knight commander fell behind by half a step, and the rest of the knights finally left the barracks in a neat and orderly manner with their hands on their sword hilts.

Yin Sha was still detained at the back, unable to move. Her complexion paled as she stared intently at the longsword raised by the knight. Extreme jealousy and hatred swirled in her eyes, making her expression appear somewhat distorted.

Then, terrifying screams resounded throughout the barracks.

The knights remained impassive as they opened the cell door and threw Yin Sha inside.

The women in the cell looked on with numb expressions and sat in silence. On the other hand, Sasha coldly stared at Yin Sha, who was twitching unceasingly on the ground, and clicked her tongue with impatience.

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