100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 106: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (17)

The firelight jumped around the corner of the corridor, reflecting off Ludwig’s stunning side profile and his indifferent azure eyes.

Yu Chu behind him hugged her arms and muttered, “It’s cold, My Lord.”

Behind her, the knight commander’s eyes widened in surprise.

Ludwig turned his head back, his slight movement making his eyelashes appear longer as they upturned into a charming curve. His handsome and deep features remained expressionless, without a single ripple in his eyes, as he cast a glance at the young girl.

Yu Chu was staring at him innocently.

The knight commander, on the other hand, broke out in cold sweat.

Although the grand duke isn’t a haughty person, just based on his strict standards and as far as his habits were concerned… It would be absurd if he were to thoughtfully give his neat and wrinkle-free cloak to a lady to protect her from the cold. What’s more, to give it to a dirty girl just out of a POW camp…

She might as well pray for God to conjure up a cloak out of thin air.

The knight commander was sweating incessantly and was about to say something when he saw Ludwig raise his hand.

Ludwig’s expression remained impassive, but his slender fingers slowly appeared from under his cloak. His index finger moved to his neat collar, pulling down the meticulously tied ribbon to reveal his orderly military uniform.

His white shirt was smooth and fitting, buttoned all the way up.

Then, he casually handed the cloak to the young girl.

The knight commander looked on with an indescribable expression as Yu Chu accepted the cloak and whispered a thank you before praising their aloof grand duke as a true gentleman…

She casually draped the cloak before tightening it around her slender figure with her fingers clasping the edges, instantly causing some creases to form.

The knight commander looked towards Ludwig.

Ludwig’s long eyelashes moved slightly, but he remained silent. He then turned back and continued walking.

After taking off the cloak, he appeared all the more handsome in his military uniform with the silver belt around his waist, highlighting his exceptional figure.

Yu Chu narrowed her eyes. She rubbed her stomach before casting a glance at the knight commander behind her and politely asked, “Uhm, if I may ask…do you have anything to eat?”

The knight commander stared at her, dumbfounded.

Hence, ten minutes later.

Inside a European-style spacious room, Yu Chu contentedly put down her knife and fork before taking a sip of hot milk with a satisfied look on her delicate small face.

She looked up at the expressionless man opposite her and smiled bashfully. “Honorable Grand Duke Ludwig, you are such a good person! God bless you.”

Ludwig remained indifferent and calmly said, “I hope you will cooperate with the interrogation.”

Yu Chu nodded. “I will certainly cooperate and tell you everything I know.”

Ludwig nodded and turned to look at the knight standing beside him.

“You can leave.”


The knight was caught off guard by his words and revealed a confused look. This time, the grand duke actually didn’t allow me to stand by and listen to the interrogation… 

Although he was puzzled, he still bowed respectfully and exited the room, closing the door behind him.

Yu Chu stared at the man sitting opposite her. 

Ludwig met her gaze with indifference. His beautiful lips parted slightly as he stated, “You lied.”

Yu Chu was slightly stunned.

Ludwig’s golden blonde hair was dazzling to the eyes. He crossed his hands with an expressionless face, and like a machine, he flatly continued, “You lied. You chose to flee the arranged marriage yourself. What’s the reason?”

His delicate eyebrows were slightly knitted, finally revealing a trace of emotion on his stoic face. He quietly stared at Yu Chu and repeated, “What’s the reason? Why did you run away from the arranged marriage?”

Yu Chu blinked.

“Uhm, to…to elope?”

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As long as It’s Feng he will give cater to her needs.

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