100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 107: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (18)

The room fell silent as soon as those words left Yu Chu’s mouth. The air seemed to stagnate for a moment.

After a while, Ludwig lay down his hands and leaned back slightly on his chair with his long legs crossed, revealing the military boots wrapped around his perfect calves. He emitted a languid and cold aura.

As he lowered his eyelids, Yu Chu could only discern a vague color of blue. His high-bridged nose cast a straight shadow on his side profile, and his thin lips appeared dainty, complementing his light-colored complexion.

“With that painter?” He asked.

Yu Chu nodded. “Yes.”

Ludwig didn’t question further.

There was only the slight crackling sound of flames in the silent room, making the atmosphere seem even quieter.

Ludwig’s perfectly sculpted features were hidden in the shadows. His long lashes shaded the look in his eyes, making it hard for Yu Chu to discern his current mood.

He seemingly didn’t react to her answer.

But, Yu Chu inexplicably felt that…

She had said the wrong thing.

She still had some self-awareness. Though her IQ was adequate, her EQ wasn’t that high, so she simply didn’t overthink why Ludwig was unhappy and decided to first admit her mistake.

In any case, he couldn’t have fallen in love with me at first sight and gotten jealous, right? 

At least, from a logical point of view and the grand duke’s current expression, she couldn’t make out the likelihood of this in the slightest.

She pursed her lips and deliberated for a moment before saying, “I’ve stayed in the palace all my life, so I don’t have a clear understanding of love. He’s nice to me, so I thought I liked him. But, along the way, I have realized that wasn’t the case.”

Yu Chu secretly thought that her words sounded more like an explanation. It also seemed beyond the scope of the interrogation.

She peered at the person across from her.

A few seconds later, Ludwig raised his eyes. He didn’t reveal any emotion on his face but also didn’t say that her explanation was superfluous. He merely let out a faint “Mhmm” to express his acknowledgment before calmly asking, “He didn’t force himself on you either, right?”


What kind of question is that?

Yu Chu was dumbfounded.

Could it be that this powerful, aloof, and cold-tempered grand duke was, in fact, a very gossipy person in private…?

She carefully observed Ludwig’s expression and finally denied this conjecture of hers. She then lowered her head and murmured, “Uhm… No, I didn’t lie about that part.”

Ludwig’s beautiful eyebrows knitted at her words. Only after a while did he slowly utter two words, “… The process.”


Yu Chu’s expression almost cracked. She exerted all her efforts to control herself before recalling the memories of the original host. “At that time, he…he wanted to do that kind of thing with me, but I realized that I didn’t like him, so I didn’t consent. When I struggled, my head bumped into the corner of the table and started bleeding, so he got scared and ran away.” 

She touched the back of her head and added, “There’s still a wound here, but it’s just a minor one, so it stopped bleeding on its own. Afterward, he got together with Yin Sha.”

Ludwig’s eyes fell on her head before he expressionlessly retracted his gaze.

Yu Chu lowered her head once more, waiting for his next ‘unique’ question.

She waited for a while, but Ludwig remained silent.

Yu Chu couldn’t help but glance up and coincidentally met his gaze. The blue color of his eyes was so pure that it melted her heart. The shadows of his lashes were reflected in his deep eyes, making it an incredibly mesmerizing sight.

While she was staring blankly at him, a thought occurred to her. Hmm, such a beauty is right in front of me; shall I tease him a little? 

Hence, she stared at the aloof Ludwig and softly spoke, “I heard that His Majesty had once bestowed me to you, and I’ve also heard about your past achievements. If you were the person I was engaged to, then I don’t think I would’ve been charmed by Luo Lang at all.”

Afterward, she flashed a grin.

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Many thanks
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This girl 🤣 I love her

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Batata Anisia
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A hand full of sentences in and our girl is already showing her true nature. >w<

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