100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 108: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (19)

Hehehe, teasing him is so much fun! 

She paused, waiting for Ludwig to ask her why she thought that way so that she could praise and butter him up in passing. Yet, she waited for a long time, but Ludwig still didn’t ask her anything.

Yu Chu kept quiet.

Don’t tell me… Did I make him unhappy with those words?

Based on Ludwig’s status, having an engagement with a small country princess didn’t seem to be something to be happy about… In a worst-case scenario, this kind of engagement of unequal status might even be an insult.

But I didn’t straightforwardly mention this point, so my words couldn’t be considered offensive, right?

She felt a little helpless.

Sigh. Nowadays, one really shouldn’t casually tease others.

Yu Chu lowered her head. It was as if she’d just realized that she’d said the wrong thing and kept silent, not daring to say another word.

Ludwig’s gaze rippled with inexplicable emotions and his eyelashes fluttered slightly. He then lowered his eyes and feigned ignorance as he flatly said, “Let Karl arrange your accommodation.”


Yu Chu froze momentarily.

Karl must be the knight from earlier.

She stood up and respectfully acknowledged his words. She then bobbed a curtsy to Ludwig and exited the room.

After politely explaining the situation to the knight commander guarding the door, Yu Chu lowered her head. She played the role of a gentle and polite princess, pretending not to see the other party’s look of bewilderment and the occasional uneasy glances shot at her.

Karl was a bit worried.

He really didn’t know what kind of arrangement he should make for this princess from the Far East.

At this moment, there is still no evidence of whether she was telling the truth. With the current situation, I can’t just uncaringly ditch her in the POW camp like before, but I also can’t treat her like a guest of honor either.

Princess Ai Chu is originally from a small country, and now she also has a chance of being condemned once the truth comes to light. 

Karl thought about it carefully and felt that the most appropriate arrangement was to let her stay locked up in a cell alone. However, in a more superior one this time.

Yu Chu found this arrangement reasonable and obediently followed Karl back to the POW camp. Amidst the regular prison cells for men and women, there were also a few separate stand-alone cells for prisoners of special status.

The prisoners here were of relatively higher status, so their food wasn’t as coarse. Moreover, they didn’t have to bear the agony of crowding together with other prisoners, not to mention to worry about being humiliated by those ‘rats’.

Yu Chu walked into the cell and watched on as the knight closed the cell door, locked it, and strode away.

She then rubbed her temples in contemplation.

As for this mission… To get revenge on Yin Sha and Luo Lang wasn’t too big a problem. The main issue lay with the Lord God. How am I supposed to make a favorable impression on him? 

She really had no clue.

Even if I want to cater to his tastes, I first need to know what he takes pleasure in and what he’s fond of. But that expressionless face of his is as cold as a snowy winter.

She sat down on a pile of straw and yawned lazily. I better take a nap first.


Meanwhile, the aloof Ludwig seemed to have suddenly remembered something and indifferently asked, “What kind of arrangement did you make for her?”

Karl didn’t expect Ludwig to personally ask about a woman, so it took him a few seconds to make out who he was referring to. 

“I have temporarily placed Princess Ai Chu in a stand-alone cell while we wait for His Majesty’s verdict.”

This was the most appropriate arrangement.

After all, Ai Chu was the emperor’s future consort.

Even if the grand duke wasn’t restricted by the empire, he had no reason to decide for the emperor in this matter. The emperor’s future consort should be left for the emperor to deal with.

After Karl finished answering, he raised his eyes to meet Ludwig’s cold gaze.

He instantly froze. “… My Lord?”

Yuna’s Corner:
Happy Easter all! Hope you enjoyed this chapter (^_^)
Till Wednesday~

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