100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 110: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (21)

“You have a way to get the key?” Sasha asked.

Yin Sha shook her head. “No, I don’t.”

Sasha narrowed her eyes. “Then tell me, how can you guarantee I’ll be able to play with her?”

Yin Sha lowered her head, hiding the hatred brimming in her eyes. From a stitched area inside her clothes, she fished out a small bag of powder.

Since those stitches were very inconspicuous and it was just a small bag, they went unnoticed.

Sasha narrowed her eyes with interest. “What is this? It can’t be…that kind of drug, right?”

She revealed a slightly contemptuous look and added, “I really didn’t expect you to have the habit of carrying that around.”

Yin Sha held back the resentment burning in her heart and inwardly cursed Sasha. She’s clearly a despicable pervert herself, yet she’s scorning me? 

Even though her heart was filled with anger, it wasn’t shown in the slightest on her face. She merely said, “This is something I got my hands on when I was at the palace. Ordinary drugs aren’t comparable to the effects of this one. As long as you let Ai Chu take this, she will come begging you on her own without you lifting a finger. What do you say, My Lady?”

Sasha took the bag of powder, and a corner of her lips curled upwards. “You got this from the palace? To think that you used to hide this kind of thing in the palace… Looks like you have ‘a lot’ on your mind.”

Her sarcastic tone made Yin Sha’s originally pale face stiffen and turn a few shades redder due to anger.

But Sasha’s line of thought wasn’t wrong. In fact, Yin Sha secretly collected a small bag of this drug, intending to hook up with someone of royal descent or an influential official. But, before she could put it to good use, she was brought out of the palace by Ai Chu.

Yin Sha’s heart welled up with resentment again.

Sasha rocked the small bag of powder in her hand and asked, “But how can I play with her if I don’t have the key?”

Yin Sha softly replied, “You aren’t like those ugly men. Even if you are separated by the metal bars, you can still enjoy yourself. Besides, Ai Chu will take the initiative to cooperate with you. She will cling on to the metal bars herself…”

With her deliberate dirty description, Sasha’s eyes narrowed. She licked her lips with extreme interest. “That sounds…surprisingly good.” 

Yin Sha’s eyes flashed with triumph.


In the night.

The gatekeeper looked on indifferently as he opened the door to let those ‘rats’ in. He then frowned and locked the door, not even giving the barracks a second look.

After the men walked through the aisle and opened the cell door, Sasha stood up.

She leisurely said, “I want to go out.”

The men instantly turned vigilant. “You want to escape? Sasha, are you crazy? We’re not the only ones here. The imperial knights are still guarding outside the barracks!”

Yin Sha immediately took the initiative and explained. The men were all flabbergasted; they didn’t expect Sasha to be so bold. To think that she dared to run out of the cell to play with another woman…

However, if she was just moving around the barracks, it wouldn’t be a problem. The knights didn’t bother with the night activities inside the cells, so they surely wouldn’t come in.

They deemed that Ai Chu wasn’t someone of importance, so even if they played with her, they wouldn’t alarm the knights.

This plan naturally didn’t work for men. But, Sasha was a woman, so even if there was no way to open Ai Chu’s cell door, she could still enjoy herself.

At this moment, even those lowly men couldn’t help but faintly mutter: How perverted…

Afterward, they let Sasha out.

Sasha walked down the dim aisle to the other area and noiselessly searched the cells one by one.

Finally, she found a young girl sleeping in a cell.

When her gaze landed on that young girl’s beautiful face and slender body, she couldn’t help but lick her lips.

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Batata Anisia
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