100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 112: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (23)

Yu Chu’s interpretation was reasonable, but it was a bit strange.

Why did Ludwig suddenly want to attack a small country in the Far East? Besides, if he wanted to wage war, there was no need to get the emperor to personally give an order.

Yu Chu looked at him in confusion.

Ludwig indifferently stared at her for a few seconds before lowering his eyes. He extended his white-gloved hand, pushed the cell door open, and walked in.

He asked in a faint and emotionless voice, “You have nothing to say?”

Yu Chu honestly didn’t know what she had to say. Could it be that he merely passed on this news to me so that I can ask him for his help at the expense of something? But I have nothing valuable with me that was worth it for him to go through all this trouble.

Yu Chu had no choice but to play innocent and remained silent.

Ludwig also stood there quietly.

Today, he didn’t wear a cloak and simply donned a military uniform. He was 1.9 m tall with blond hair, azure eyes, and deep facial features. No matter how Yu Chu looked at him, he was drop-dead gorgeous. As she secretly sized him up, she couldn’t help but want to get closer.

She suddenly frowned.

Although she took pleasure in appreciating beauty, she wasn’t a lustful person. She didn’t quite grasp Ludwig’s motive in coming here, nor could she read his current mood.

She clearly knew that she shouldn’t tease him in this kind of situation, but the urge to tease him suddenly intensified.

Her body warmed up gradually.

The two of them remained silent. In this quiet atmosphere, the rhythmic thumping of her eardrums seemed particularly obvious, as if the accelerated heart rate was caused by the surge of blood, throbbing rapidly.

Yu Chu’s gaze stirred slightly. She obviously sensed that something was wrong with her.

Her consciousness was incomparably clear, and she could feel the strange changes in her body. She bit her lips stoically and raised her eyes to cast a glance at the person opposite her.

What came into sight was a pair of cold azure eyes, beautiful golden-colored hair, and a neat and tidy military uniform. However, Ludwig’s expression remained indifferent, as if he was impervious to desires and passions.

He turned his face sideways and placed his hand on the cell door, his slender white-gloved hand creating a stark contrast against the black metal bars.

It seemed that he didn’t get the answer he wanted from her, so he was ready to leave this place.

 Yu Chu sighed and quickly called out, “Please wait, My Lord.”

Ludwig paused and cast a sidelong glance at her, his beautiful and charming eyes as emotionless as ever.

Yu Chu walked towards him and only stopped when she was half an arm’s length away. She looked up and smiled apologetically at him.

She didn’t know what dirty trick she had fallen for. Though she was feeling abnormally uncomfortable all over, she was still clear-headed.

Faced with this kind of situation… it seems that I have no other choice.

Yu Chu’s expression remained calm as she closed in on him.

Ludwig knitted his eyebrows at her approach, but behind him were the metal bars, so he stood there motionless, his gaze unmoving.

Yu Chu smiled and abruptly placed her hands on his shoulders, and with a hard shove, she pushed the unguarded Ludwig to the metal bars behind him, creating a loud bang.

When Ludwig’s slender body hit the metal bars, a rarely seen surprised look flashed across his face. He raised his hand to push Yu Chu away, but Yu Chu was one step ahead. She stood on her tiptoes and pulled his neck down with her hands.

Then her lips covered his in a warm kiss.

His lips were thin, soft, lightly scented, and tasted excellent.

As his neck was held down by her while they kissed, he had no choice but to lean over a bit to compensate for the height difference. His military uniform remained neat as usual, but his azure eyes, which were as beautiful as the deep sea, stirred with emotions while his eyelashes quivered imperceptibly.

Yu Chu knew that she must have scared him this time. But, for this kind of thing… isn’t it all taking the other by surprise? After all, if I waited for him to react, I wouldn’t have been able to take any actions…

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