100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 113: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (24)

Ludwig’s eyes were wide open.

But he couldn’t see Yu Chu’s expression clearly due to the close distance. His gaze seemed unfocused, and his long eyelashes fluttered slightly. He could only see her pitch-black eyes.

His eyelashes were unusually itchy. He had never been treated like this by someone. The body that clung to his was soft and slender. His cold gaze deepened as he reached out to grasp Yu Chu’s collar.

Yu Chu wasn’t afraid at all and tightened her hands around his neck. The tip of her tongue deftly went along his lips and snuck in, intertwining with his. Following this, their breathing uncontrollably quickened.

The sudden deep kiss made Ludwig’s hand that was about to lift Yu Chu up lose a bit of strength, but Yu Chu tightened her grasp around him in response. Her hand then tugged at his uniform, and she undid the first button.

The strict and aloof noble grand duke finally came back to his senses and raised his hand to push Yu Chu away, but what his palm came in touch with was softness.

Through his glove and her clothes, he could still feel the curvature and softness under the fabric.

He stiffened, and in that short moment, Yu Chu had already removed his tie and raised her head to bite his sexy Adam’s apple.

Even though Yu Chu was still clear-headed, her body was undoubtedly very uncomfortable. Her fingers snuck into Ludwig’s clothes and slid across his beautiful and delicate collarbone. When she leaned up and took a bite, she heard a low and muffled gasp.

Her hand was then caught by Ludwig.

Yu Chu indifferently extended her other hand. She also didn’t want to act like a rogue if there was a choice. But, her body was currently out of control. Even though she didn’t know what the consequences would be, she might as well let Feng Qing suffer a bit.

As soon as her fingers touched Ludwig’s half-bared collarbone, it was caught by his other hand.

Ludwig remained expressionless. He lifted Yu Chu’s hands up and placed them above her head. He then pushed her to the wall and looked down at her, his eyes devoid of emotions.

His somewhat disheveled hair cast a shadow on his bare forehead, and a bit of fair skin was exposed under his slightly parted collar.

His voice was flat as he asked, “What are you doing? What’s wrong with you?”

Yu Chu’s complexion was abnormally ruddy. “Isn’t it obvious?”

This was already the boldest move she took to seduce him. Yu Chu’s face reddened, and she inwardly gave herself a thumbs-up.

Ludwig was stunned.

In this moment of absent-mindedness, Yu Chu blinked and wrapped her arms around him again. He was unable to hold his own ground against her and was utterly defeated…

The strict and self-disciplined grand duke had never experienced himself being so out of control.

He was haphazardly kissed and touched. His neat and tidy clothes had long been wrinkled, his hair messy, and his breathing gradually became hurried gasps.

He was totally out of control.

Although her body was acting on its own, Yu Chu was still clear-headed, so she still remembered how she’d seduced him. From pressing him against the metal bars to forcing a kiss on him to being pressed against the wall in turn. All this while, his cold eyes remained clear and crystalline.

Under his calm and icy appearance was suppressed an extreme endurance.

Ludwig’s striking looks were all the more alluring when his cold expression softened.

The firelight in the cell reflected off his face.

He held her waist and pushed her against the cold wall, his eyes devoid of emotions.

Under Yu Chu’s cries that it was painful, he slowed down his movement as he entered. He looked down and calmly said in a slightly hoarse voice, “Look carefully and remember who I am.”

With his blonde hair and azure eyes, he was aloof and dangerously attractive.

Author’s Note:
This small white text wants to be yellowed. I want to drive a real car, but I have to control myself…

Yona’s Corner:
Regarding the author’s note: Yellow here is referring to the yellow book, which contains smut content for adults. So you should know now what she meant by wanting to turn the white text into yellow text. Driving a car is internet slang for rolling in the sheets, so basically, the author wanted to write more about them rolling in the sheets, but couldn’t XD.

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