100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 114: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (25)

With her back against the firelight jumping outside the cell door, Yu Chu silently put on her clothes. She then stared wordlessly at Ludwig’s slim and sexy body.

Dawn had not yet begun to spread.

The firelight outside the cell burned all night.

Yu Chu suddenly felt a bit nervous.

Ludwig’s handsome face was expressionless. Though his hair was messy, his eyes were calm as he silently picked up the clothes scattered on the ground.

He wordlessly put on his clothes. In this dimly lit and narrow cell, his movements appeared slow and graceful.

His thin lips were slightly pursed, and the look in his eyes was austere.

His white shirt was neatly buttoned all the way up, just below his sexy Adam’s apple.

The moment he donned the black-colored military uniform with beautiful tassels hanging from the shoulders, he started to give off an imposing aura. Finally, he buckled up the silver belt and put on the knee-length military boots.

Afterward, he turned back and stared at Yu Chu.

Yu Chu inexplicably had a feeling of guilt. It felt like she’d just finished the deed but had no money to pay for his service.

She shrank back a little and hoarsely said, “I don’t know why…but it seems that I have been drugged.”

Startled by her own hoarse voice, she couldn’t help but recall those ambiguous scenes.

She raised her eyes to peek at Ludwig’s face.

At that time, she was pressed against the wall by Ludwig. Though her back was against the cold wall, in front of her was an exceptionally gorgeous face. His eyelids were slightly drooped, with tiny beads of sweat dripping from the corners of his forehead. His deep eyes seemed to suppress a whirlpool of emotions.

But right now, his gaze was very calm, and she couldn’t read his mood at all…

Yu Chu lowered her head.

Ludwig’s eyelashes fluttered slightly, his gaze fixed on her in silence.

He then calmly moved his face away, turned around, and walked towards the cell door.

He’s leaving? Just like that?

Yu Chu was somewhat astounded. She silently squeezed her clothes and watched Ludwig open the cell door. He then indifferently strode away and didn’t even look back.

Watching his departing figure, Yu Chu sat there in a daze. A few minutes later, the sound of footsteps approaching could be heard. Yu Chu looked up and saw two knights appear in front of the cell. They bowed their heads respectfully and said, “Please come with us, Your Highness.”

Yu Chu blinked. She stood up and silently walked out of the cell, casting a sidelong glance at the glass of water on the floor.

She then averted her gaze and followed the two knights with her head lowered.

She was taken to a luxurious room. However, before she could even finish checking out this resplendently decorated room, a courteous maid came over and led her to take a bath. She was completely astounded by this course of events and blankly followed the maid. 

After putting on clean new clothes, she could feel the soft fabric against her skin; it was extremely comfortable.

The maids then helped her with her hair, coiling it into a western hairstyle with two strands hanging down in front.

After she was properly dressed, Yu Chu was left alone in her room. She sat there for a while before she heard a slight push on the door, followed by the sound of military boots clacking against the floor.

She turned her head back.

Ludwig’s eyes swept over her, but he didn’t say anything and simply sat down in silence.

He was back to his cold and austere self. His hair was neatly combed back, revealing his fair and good-looking forehead, and his clothes were neat and tidy again, without a single crease.

He placed a document on the table and calmly pushed it over to her side.

“Sign it.” 

Yu Chu was astounded. I have to sign this just because I slept with him…?

She somewhat nervously picked up the document. The moment she turned it over, she was instantly blinded by the document’s title.


Yu Chu stared at Ludwig in shock.

“This is…”

Ludwig crossed his fingers with an impassive expression and calmly looked at her. He then indifferently explained, “I don’t accept extramarital intercourse.”

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:O oh my
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1 year ago

ML: Take responsibility.
FL: *Shock*
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The ML wants her to take responsibility!! Lmao

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