100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 115: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (26)

Yu Chu momentarily froze and began to stammer, “D-Don’t accept…”

Ludwig’s expression was very calm. He cast an indifferent glance at her and slightly parted his lips to finish her sentence, “That’s right, I don’t accept it.” He then lightly tapped on the table and dully added, “Sign the form.”

Yu Chu stared at the document.

On the husband’s column, Ludwig had already signed his name in English with a beautiful and rounded script. The term ’rounded script’ was mainly used by people from the Far East to refer to this kind of smooth and monoline-styled handwriting that brought about an unusual sense of aesthetic elegance.[1]In China, they refer to this as a rounded script: image.

Ludwig certainly understood what it meant to wed her.

Her identity and status were of no help to his career. Moreover, she no longer met the requirements for a marriage alliance.

Contrariwise, this marriage would benefit her a lot.

Since he’d already prepared the marriage application form, he must’ve certainly considered all this, or rather, he didn’t care about these factors at all.

This kind of old-fashioned and responsible attitude of ‘not accepting extramarital intercourse’ was very much in line with his character.

So, I have to sign this marriage application form to legally sleep together in the future…?

Yu Chu choked for a moment.

This young grand duke in front of her was concurrently the imperial marshal. In other words, he was the army’s supreme commander. This meant that once he decided on his future partner, he had to draw up a marriage application form and submit it to the empire for approval.

However, Yu Chu knew very well that this matter would be set in stone as soon as she signed this form. It didn’t matter whether the empire approved it or not.

As long as I sign this…

Yu Chu was naturally very eager to marry him. Still, she pretended to be a reserved person and paused for a moment.

She looked up and peeked at him, only to find that his gaze was quietly fixed on her. She couldn’t help but cough when their eyes met.

No, I have to tease him a bit more before I sign.

I don’t even know how important I am to him, so I have to probe a little more before giving myself away.

What if he simply wants to take responsibility and nothing more? In that case, I would certainly be neglected after a year or two and no longer be able to see him. Then, what’s the point of getting married…?

She coughed and looked up with a slight smile, softly asking, “My Lord, if I may ask, why are you marrying me?”

Ludwig slightly frowned and expressionlessly replied, “I have already explained myself earlier.”

Yu Chu paused for a moment. Afterward, she shook her head and said, “I can’t accept that explanation.”

She put on a naive, innocent look and lowered her head. Then, somewhat at a loss, she continued, “If you’re doing this just because of what happened last night… Actually, you don’t need to take responsibility for it.”

At this instant, the air seemed to stand still.

Yu Chu hurriedly went on to explain, “I mean, it wasn’t your fault. It was my fault, so I can’t let you inadvertently take responsibility. After all, in the future, you will probably meet…”

Her voice gradually trailed off.

… Why do I feel that the more I say, the worse I am making things?

In the face of his cold stare, she shrank her head and abashedly spat out the last few words, “…someone you like.”

Yu Chu inwardly cried out: Am I not compassionate and considerate enough? Am I not showing an understanding attitude??

Why is he putting that kind of expression? What is he trying to say?!

She hesitated and couldn’t help but softly ask, “Uhm, My Lord, is there something wrong with what I just said…?”

Ludwig blinked and casually swept a glance at her, indifferently replying, “You’re overthinking things.”

He then retracted his gaze and turned his face sideways. In the sunlight, his long and thick lashes were glazed a light golden color.

“It’s not solely because of last night’s incident.”

“I’m very fond of you.”

Yona’s Corner:
Hi all, hope you enjoyed this chapter! It has been a while since I made use of the footnotes. FYI, you can hover over the number to read the note. Alternatively, you can click on the number to jump directly to the references section, and to jump back to where you left off, you can click on the corresponding number icon(with arrows pointing up) on the left side of the references.

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1 In China, they refer to this as a rounded script: image.
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