100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 116: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (27)

Yu Chu suspected that she was hallucinating, so with a blank look, she hastily asked, “What did you say?”

Ludwig’s expression was devoid of emotions, his eyes calm as he repeated, “I’m very fond of you.”


But, just look at your own expression and ask yourself… Will you believe what you’d just said if you were me? 

This answer was way beyond Yu Chu’s expectations, so she was somewhat baffled and asked stammeringly, “This, when…when…”

“The first time we met.”

Ludwig expressionlessly answered without the slightest hesitation.


How is that possible?!

Yu Chu thought he just wanted to get things done quickly, so he didn’t mind saying a few nice words to make her surrender and hastily sign the document.


There’s indeed no need for him to lie to me.

In fact, he won’t be able to gain any benefits from this marriage.

Ludwig’s eyes swept over Yu Chu and saw the latter’s bewildered look, so he dully asked, “You don’t believe me?”

Yu Chu blinked. “Uhm…” Who would believe that?

It seemed that her thoughts were written all over her face as Ludwig slightly paused. Then, a rare trace of emotion other than his usual calmness flashed across his face.

His eyes narrowed slightly as he calmly asked in an indifferent manner, “What do I need to do for you to believe me?”

Yu Chu looked at his expressionless face and blinked. She then stood up and walked over.

“I’ll believe you as long as you don’t get angry.”

While saying this, she took advantage of the fact that she was towering above him to carefully lift her ‘paw’ and placed it on his soft golden hair.

This man, he’s someone with power and authority… He will undoubtedly feel offended if I touched his head like this, right…?

However, Ludwig didn’t react.

From her current angle, she could see his features clearly. The outlines of his long eyelashes were absolutely stunning. Right below his perfect high-bridged nose were the corners of his rosy-colored lips, though his expression remained expressionless.

Yu Chu kept silent. As she stared at his beautiful blond hair, she couldn’t help but gently caress it.

His blonde hair was now ruffled into a mess, and the aloof Ludwig pursed his lips. This combi inexplicably created a synergy and added a sense of cuteness.

He really didn’t get angry, nor did he stop her.

Seeing this, Yu Chu now believed him eight out of ten.

A resolute and strict perfectionist like him actually endured this kind of conduct… There must undoubtedly be some degree of affection to silently indulge these actions, right?

Feng Qing…

Yu Chu pursed her lips. She then returned to the table and signed the document.

She still felt that this was surreal.

She glanced at Ludwig across the table.

Had I known that he would fall in love with me at first sight and that he was the traditional type of guy that would wed the girl he slept with once, would I still need others to drug me before taking actions…? Although it isn’t very demure of me to get married after sleeping with him, now that I think about it, it’s totally worth it after weighing the pros and cons.

Ludwig extended his hand and took over the document. He glanced down and scanned it before closing it expressionlessly.

“Have a good rest.” 

Yu Chu put down her pen and revealed a gentle smile. Suddenly, she called out, “Hale…”

Ludwig was stunned.

“Can I call you by your first name?”

The sunlight reflected off Ludwig’s dazzling blond hair, distinguishing his picturesque features. The coldness in his eyes slightly softened.

He lowered his eyes and took off the glove on one of his hands before extending it towards her.

Yu Chu placed her hand on his, and he gently held it towards him. He lowered his head and planted a kiss on the back of her hand, his blond hair concealing the look in his azure eyes.

“Of course.”

He looked up, the corners of his lips slightly curved upwards.

This was the first time Yu Chu saw him smile; it was as if she’d just seen countless flowers bloom in front of her.

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1 year ago

Many thanks
Well… This one was easier than the others? Should I be suspicious??

1 year ago

Hale is hella sexy…

11 months ago

Feng Qing is sus… I feel this whole shebang was for him to get her to fall for him or smthn

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