100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 117: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (28)

“Hale… Dear, give me a smile.”

Yu Chu found a new pleasure.

Inside the spacious study, books were neatly arranged on the bookshelves. Many of them were actually ancient parchment books bound together with a thread.

At the side, there was a reclining chair embellished with golden floral patterns and a long rectangular black-colored table with ink bottles and quill pens placed on top. Yu Chu took a quill pen and dipped it into the ink out of sheer boredom. Afterward, she turned and flashed a bright smile at the expressionless Ludwig, who was reading a file behind the long table.

“Dear, give me a smile.”

Karl, who was watching from the sidelines, broke out in a cold sweat as soon as those words fell.

The sun shone through the square bay window, casting patches of light on the floor. It was obviously not that warm inside, yet cold sweat rolled from Karl’s forehead.

How frightening…

The princess, who just came out of the POW camp, not only became the honorable grand duchess, but she’s actually smiling at the grand duke and calling him ‘dear’. Moreover, she’s forcing the grand duke to smile…


He had followed the grand duke for many years. Still, he had never seen the young, inflexible, and authoritative man smile before.

Nope, never.

To be honest, when he heard Princess Ai Chu call Grand Duke Ludwig ‘dear’, he initially thought that the grand duke would have expressionlessly thrown her out.

She’s really too daring!

Even the grand duke’s mother had never addressed Grand Duke Ludwig as ‘dear’ again since his tenth birthday.

He was cold and austere to the point of being archaic, so others found it difficult to address him in such an intimate way.

When they stared at his expressionless face, they couldn’t help but tense up and unconsciously respect him.

However, Karl’s perception was soon overturned.

At the moment, the expressionless Ludwig simply swept a glance at Yu Chu. Although his mood was imperceptible, it was clear that he wasn’t angry.

He even acknowledged her words with an “mhmm”.

Lugwig’s voice was slightly indifferent, but he did respond. He allowed Yu Chu to address him intimately and even acknowledged her words with good manners.

This is truly too frightening!

Karl was still in shock and hadn’t recovered his senses.

Today, he’d certainly had his mind blown.

Under Yu Chu’s careful coaxing, Ludwig finally looked up. His azure eyes slightly squinted as his lips gradually curled up into a smile. 

Yu Chu and Karl simultaneously revealed a look of surprise, completely mesmerized by his smile.

A few seconds later, Yu Chu finally recovered her senses and cheerfully stepped forward. She hugged Ludwig’s neck and rubbed against his cheek, happily exclaiming, “Dear, you’re the best!”

Karl soon came to his senses. As he stared at the scene in front of him, he felt a numbing sensation all over his body.

As for Yu Chu, she gradually understood something after constantly challenging Ludwig’s bottom line.

It seems that this guy simply didn’t like to express himself.

No matter what he felt, he always put on a stoic expression. However, one could clearly see how he treated others from his attitude. 

Little by little, Yu Chu sounded out his tolerance level towards her. When she got no reaction, she would continue probing further to see where his bottom line lies.

Yu Chu finally realized this. Though Ludwig gave her the feeling that he shouldn’t be messed with, he was, in fact, very indulgent towards her, seemingly without a bottom line.

The way he treats me…

It’s really love at first sight.

Could this be related to the fact that he’s Feng Qing?

She leaned close to Ludwig’s beautiful face and whispered, “About that drugging incident, let me investigate it, okay?”

Ludwig lowered his gaze to look at the file and frowned, his voice calm as he said, “I will personally handle this matter. You don’t have to worry; no one will…”

Before he could finish his sentence, his delicate chin was suddenly hooked, and a kiss landed on his cheek.

After a moment of silence, he shifted his gaze to the dumbfounded Karl and said, “Assist the madam well in this case.”

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