100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 118: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (29)

Yu Chu had long thought about how to handle this matter.

This drugging incident didn’t affect her much, and it could be considered as godsent assistance… However, what needed to be investigated naturally had to be investigated.

The source of the problem could only be that glass of water. After a bit of deduction, the truth was pretty close.

She returned to the POW camp.

She used to stay here as a captive, but she returned to this place with a completely different status this time.

Karl personally followed behind her with his hand on his sword hilt. The tall knights bowed their heads with their lances in their hands and made way, respectfully welcoming her in as if they were welcoming the emperor.

She was now Grand Duke Ludwig’s wife, so no one dared to treat her carelessly.

This grand welcome was even more extravagant than the time the grand duke visited in person, so it instantly alarmed the women in the POW camp.

The malnourished women with sallow complexions and dry lips raised their heads. As soon as their eyes swept over the young girl in beautiful brocade clothes, they revealed astonished and shocked expressions one after another.

A few days ago, that young girl was still a captive like them, thrown in the POW camp and living her days without knowing whether she’d be left dead or alive. However, only a few days had passed, yet… 

From the girl’s rosy complexion and exquisite clothing, they could see that her situation had been completely reversed.

How did she accomplish this?

This question suddenly popped up in the women’s minds.

A gentle smile was plastered on Yu Chu’s face. Her hairstyle complemented her delicate features and made her appear all the more lovely. When everyone’s gaze landed on that smiling face, they couldn’t help but feel a burst of envy.

Yin Sha was obviously the most shocked out of all of them.

She stared wide-eyed at the smiling Yu Chu outside the cell. The haggard appearance from half a month ago was nowhere in sight, her complexion rosy and healthy.

How could that be?!

After countless speculations whirled in Yin Sha’s mind, she finally came to a conclusion. Could it be that after the emperor received news about Ai Chu, he met her and believed her words? And, he was willing to let bygones be bygones and accept her?

That’s the only possible outcome. Otherwise, how could Ai Chu, who was locked up in the POW camp a few days ago, suddenly rise in status?

That lucky woman!

Yin Sha gritted her teeth with hatred.

When Yu Chu witnessed Yin Sha’s twisted expression, she smiled and let out a soft chuckle.

She then turned her head and smilingly said to Karl, “Bring those two out.”

Karl’s gaze followed the direction she was pointing at and landed on the two women. He then motioned to his subordinates, “Do as the madam has ordered.”

A knight soon opened the cell door and dragged Yin Sha, who was cowering in the corner, and Sasha, who was resting on the straws, out of the cell.

Yu Chu smiled good-naturedly.

Sasha stared at her face intently and licked her lips, calmly asking, “Why are you arresting me? There’s no enmity between us.”

“Oh, you’re right.” Yu Chu nodded but didn’t look at her. Instead, she stared at Yin Sha’s resentful expression and smiled with interest. She moved closer and whispered, “It’s you, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it didn’t do me any harm.”

Yin Sha’s pupils shrank.

She didn’t expect Ai Chu to suspect her so quickly. Not only did Ai Chu suspect her, she even came back with such a vengeful stance. 

At that time, when Sasha came back with a gloomy face, she already had a bad premonition. She prudently asked Sasha about it but got an impatient reply in return, saying that the knights happened to be patrolling the area.

Yin Sha was unreconciled that Ai Chu hadn’t been humiliated. But on second thought, she figured that if Ai Chu took the drug, she would still disgrace herself in front of the knight.

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