100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 121: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (32)

Ludwig looked down at the documents, his gaze calm, without any ripples.

Yu Chu stood across from him and stared at the long, black-colored table. Everything on the table was neatly arranged as if its owner had OCD. This vividly attested to Ludwig’s old-fashioned and perfectionistic character.

She walked over and blocked his line of sight, softly coaxing, “Dear…”

Ludwig raised his eyes, his face expressionless.

Yu Chu paused. She couldn’t help but shrink back a little when she met his indifferent gaze. Yu Chu felt a bit wronged this time. “Are you angry with me?”

But, I didn’t do anything…

Ludwig stared at her for a few seconds before averting his gaze, calmly replying, “No.”

Alright then.

Yu Chu removed the hand she placed on his shoulder. She looked down in a depressed manner and decided to let him calm down a bit on his own. Maybe he’s still somewhat shocked after seeing a woman act that perverted. He’ll be fine after a while.

She turned to leave, but her wrist was caught.

Ludwig looked up at her, his slender fingers wrapped around her wrist. He calmly repeated, “I’m not angry.”

“Mhmm.” Yu Chu struggled a bit.

Her struggle was purely a subconscious action and had no other meaning, but Ludwig abruptly pursed his lips when she tried to break free of his grasp. His lips tensed into a line, and his grip tightened a bit around her wrist. He stared unblinkingly at her.

Yu Chu was bewildered and stopped moving.

Ludwig quietly stared at her. His long eyelashes fluttered slightly, casting shadows on his face. Only after a while did he whisper, “I’m not angry. I won’t be angry with you.”

Yu Chu blinked her eyes.

Ludwig seemingly pondered for a moment before releasing his grip on her wrist. He then unhurriedly wrapped his arms around her waist and silently pressed his head against her abdomen.

He had a tall, slender build and donned an imposing military uniform. Yet, this action made him appear like a child who was very reliant on her.

Yu Chu stared blankly at his beautiful blond hair.

His voice was tremendously soft as he added, “Don’t be afraid of me.”

Yu Chu subconsciously placed her hand on his hair and finally understood what he was talking about.

He was angry, but not at her.

Ludwig always had that indifferent look on his face. All Yu Chu knew was that he was angry but didn’t know who this anger was directed at.

He thought he had scared her.

Yu Chu found this funny and really wanted to say: You truly make it difficult for others to approach you with your icy expression. You ought to be thankful that I’m thick-skinned enough…

Ahem, this doesn’t sound right…

She coughed, trying to hold back the smile tugged at her lips. She gently ruffled Ludwig’s hair and made him look up at her with his crystal clear eyes.

He was extremely handsome, and his azure eyes were absolutely stunning.

Yu Chu’s modesty shattered into pieces again. How she wished she could carry him in her arms, lick his face and gobble him up to show her loyalty.

Objectively speaking, it would undoubtedly be tiring to get along with such a strict and old-fashioned person. He was extremely introverted, his character dull, and his life disciplined.

It was simply impossible to guess his thoughts.

Fortunately, Ludwig would compromise his habits for her, and now he even learned to act like a spoiled child and act cute.

He obviously didn’t have the intention to act cute. Perhaps, it was because he wasn’t very good at socializing and revealing this kind of submissive and soft-hearted behavior, so he appeared endearingly adorkable…

Yu Chu, though, was quite confident about her future status in the household.

She ruffled Ludwig’s hair again and looked into his eyes. As she pondered about the patterns found in the first two realms, she decided to go with a few lines of corny honeyed words.

She softly said, “I’m not afraid of you. Dear, I like you best, so why would I be afraid of you?”

Ludwig’s eyelashes lightly stirred. 

His gaze thawed, and small ripples began to form in the bottom of his eyes.

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5 months ago

He’s so cute!!! 😭 Bless our Mc for pampering him.

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