100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 122: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (33)

Ludwig lowered his eyes. He silently moved back a little and loosened his grip around Yu Chu’s waist. With his slender fingers lightly holding her waist, he suddenly stood up and picked Yu Chu up before placing her on the desk in front of him.

He leaned over and propped himself up on the tabletop.

Yu Chu was startled by the sudden uplifting movement, so she subconsciously wrapped her arms around Lugwig’s neck, feeling somewhat baffled.

Ludwig stood between her legs and towered over her. He stared down at her with a blank expression.

The sunlight reflected off his blond hair, rendering a dazzling luster. Yu Chu couldn’t help but squint her eyes before meeting his indiscernible gaze.

Captivated by his pair of azure eyes, she momentarily paused and whispered, “Hale…”

Ludwig leaned down. He extended his index finger and gently pressed it against her lips. The white-gloved finger was smooth to the touch and slightly cool in temperature.

The look in his beautiful eyes remained indifferent as he raised his other hand to his lips. He bit on the tip of his finger and took off the white glove.

Afterward, he casually threw the glove aside and placed his hand on Yu Chu’s waist. Then, he slowly said in an indifferent voice, “I want it.”

… How can you say something like this so smoothly?!

Yu Chu’s eyes widened in shock. She blinked a few times and said, “It’s still daytime, and this is your office’s desk…”

“But I want it.”

Ludwig wasn’t swayed by her words. He held up the back of her head, and his soft lips landed on her neck.

The golden luster of his hair was reflected in Yu Chu’s eyes. She raised her hands and pressed them against his shoulder, her hands lightly touching the tassels on his uniform.

Yu Chu tilted her head slightly and felt her rationality gradually weakening. As Ludwig’s expressionless face popped up in her mind, she helplessly revealed a smile. Sasha’s behavior obviously made him angry, causing him to lose his self-control…

She inwardly sighed. She obediently wrapped her legs around his waist before lifting his exquisite, beautiful face up to face her. She paused momentarily before leaning forward and kissing him.

Their breaths slowly intertwined.

Yu Chu’s lips carried a light sweet scent and were tempting. While restraining himself, Ludwig slowly responded to her kiss. 


Yin Sha was currently in a resplendently decorated room. She sat there alone with an ugly look on her face. She felt somewhat fearful, but her heart was filled with jealousy and resentment.

Ai Chu unexpectedly didn’t give me a hard time. On the contrary, she had the maids bring me fine food and beautiful clothes. The maids attended to her properly, leaving her squeaky clean. Now, there weren’t any traces of her previous sloppy and sorry figure.

Did she really do this out of goodwill?

Given Ai Chu’s nature, Yin Sha thought that this was not entirely implausible.

Since Ai Chu has served me good food and treated me so nicely, I’m sure that she has forgiven me and is going to let me off.

Yin Sha didn’t think that there was anything wrong with her thoughts.

Ai Chu was timid and cowardly to begin with, and I’m the one who gave her shelter along the way. Hence, even if I have backstabbed her in the end, it’s still pardonable. This is nothing compared to the kindness I’ve shown her. 

Ai Chu understands this better than anyone.

Only, Sasha is dead now.

When the young Grand Duke Ludwig appeared in the POW camp, Yin Sha saw him at a glance.

At that time, she was shocked by how well he treated Ai Chu, so she completely forgot to react.

Now, when she looked back, she felt bursts of envy and jealousy engulfing her, making her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Ai Chu’s backer isn’t the emperor?

It’s actually the young and handsome grand duke…

Why is she so lucky? Why does she have such a good life!

When Yin Sha faced the grand duke, she didn’t even dare to call out the word ‘husband’. Yet, he’d personally pulled Ai Chu into his arms in front of all of them. Although his expression remained indifferent, this intimate gesture wasn’t feigned!

Yin Sha sat in the spacious room and gritted her teeth, tremendous jealousy surging up in her heart again.

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YS is going to be offered to the emperor. Lmao
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