100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 124: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (35)

“Are you crazy?”

After listening to Yu Chu’s plan, Yin Sha looked at Yu Chu as if she was staring at an idiot. “You are still thinking of Luo Lang?”

The corners of Yu Chu’s lips twitched.

As expected, if I want to persuade Yin Sha to save Luo Lang and get him out of the POW camp, I can only give her this one explanation.

Yu Chu opened her eyes and said in a distressed voice, “I also want to stop thinking about him, but I… I just can’t forget him.”

Yin Sha’s current expression was so complicated that it was hard to describe.

She had a look of disbelief that was filled with contempt. She’s staying at the impeccable grand duke’s side, yet she’s still thinking of another man… How badly damaged is her brain? 

Yin Sha pondered for a moment before saying, “It is a major crime if a prisoner of war escapes. If someone finds out about this, then it’s the end for the three of us.”

Yu Chu nodded. “I know. Don’t worry. If things fall through and we are found out by them, Luo Lang and I will take all the blame. You will be fine.”

“Really?” Yin Sha looked at her suspiciously.

“Of course!” Yu Chu glanced at her and added, “If you do me this favor, I will spare no effort to help you.”

Yin Sha momentarily froze, and there was a slight change in her expression.

This was unquestionably an irresistible offer. Yin Sha quickly made up her mind and said, “Okay, I will help you, but if something goes wrong, you have to keep your words and take responsibility.”

“Of course.” Yu Chu almost rolled her eyes at her.

After departing from Yin Sha’s room, Yu Chu held her forehead. Her brain was totally fried.

IQ is a good thing. If only everyone possessed a good IQ.

Yu Chu planned to let Yin Sha go to the POW camp to save Luo Lang right from the start.

She had to fulfill the original host’s wish properly if she wanted to stay in this realm to accompany Ludwig. Only after accomplishing those wishes could she continue using this body.

The original host’s wish was to reverse her fate and take revenge on the two vermins. These wishes were naturally not a problem for Yu Chu.

Her plan was to let Yin Sha save Luo Lang and then catch them both in action. This way, she could prove that they had an illicit relationship.

Consequently, the original host’s lousy reputation of eloping with Luo Lang would be cleared. Then, those two vermins would be dealt with in accordance with the law.

This was killing two birds with one stone.

When she recalled that covetous look in Yin Sha’s eyes while mentioning Ludwig, Yu Chu’s expression instantly darkened a few shades. In the end, she coldly snorted.


The plan was going well.

Yin Sha impatiently shoved the bundle prepared by Yu Chu to Luo Lang. When Luo Lang looked at her with a touched gaze and tried to grab her hand, she pursed her lips and said with a look of contempt, “You think I want to come and save you? In your dreams! If it weren’t for that idiot Ai Chu, who would come and save you?”

Luo Lang instantly froze.

In this past period, he didn’t have a good time in the POW camp. Although he didn’t have to worry about being humiliated like the women, he was often beaten and kicked.

The wounds on his body increased day by day, and the pain was so intense that he felt his whole body go numb.

He daydreamed about escaping this place countless times.

The moment he saw Yin Sha come to his rescue, he was so moved and stunned that he couldn’t describe his feelings.

He even secretly vowed to treat her wholeheartedly in the future.

Yet, she said that…

It was Ai Chu?

Luo Lang’s breathing became somewhat heavy.

He involuntarily remembered that gentle black-haired maiden.

When they were still at the palace, she had always stared at him with a look of trust and admiration.

Her gaze was always fixated on him.

It turns out that she hasn’t moved her gaze away from me all this while.

Yin Sha suddenly gave him a hard push and cried out in horror, “It’s the knights! OMG, how did they find us so quickly? They came back half an hour earlier than Ai Chu had told me! That unreliable woman!”

Luo Lang looked back and saw mounted knights holding torches in the dim light of the night, slowly approaching them.

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1 year ago

Good riddens. I thought she was going to push YS to the emperor lol and then take out the emperor
Many thanks

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These bastards are finally gonna be taken care of!

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The next chapter button always gives fake hope lmao
How many times had I fallen for it-

1 year ago
Reply to  Yona-sama

(๑•﹏•) lmao it’s okay! Thanks for the hard work!

5 months ago

Our MC is just as possessive haha

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