100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 125: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (36)

They could no longer run away.

Luo Lang sat down, paralyzed.

“No, I can’t stay with you. I can’t let them see me…” Yin Sha nervously muttered under her breath, grabbing her hair in a panicked manner.

As far as she was concerned, she still had a great future ahead of her. She was about to stay by the young and handsome grand duke’s side, live a good life and enjoy his pampering.

In the meantime, Luo Lang’s complexion turned somewhat pale, but he didn’t say a word.

When he followed Yin Sha and escaped from that place, he was on tenterhooks all the while. But, he felt surprisingly calm at this moment.

He seemingly had a premonition.

He suddenly didn’t want to run away anymore.

The torches were gradually getting closer and closer.

Amidst the darkness, the lights emitted from the torches were like a bright meteor trail and little stars illuminating the night sky. 

It also reminded him of the river lanterns released at that time[1]Lanterns are released on special days like the Lantern Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Chinese New Year to worship gods, send away disasters, and welcome happiness. Some young men and women also … Continue reading.

Upon recalling the girl he’d once thrown to the back of his mind, those broken memory fragments were gradually pieced together, and her silhouette became clear again.

He had overlooked too many things.

He only remembered her delicate appearance and her being unreasonable.

But he’d forgotten about that night by the riverside. At that time, the girl’s gentle face and pitch-black eyes were reflected under the lantern lights.

He’d never seen a pair of eyes like that before; they were pitch-black but pure and crystal clear.

He took a breath and stared at the approaching knights. He didn’t know where he got the courage from, but he was actually standing there calmly and even had the strength to softly ask, “Where is Ai Chu…?”


Yu Chu’s long hair was spread out. She squeezed her nightgown and blinked thoughtfully.

Yin Sha and Luo Lang must’ve been discovered by now… Just thinking about it made her happy.

The original host’s wish has been accomplished!

She was about to lean over to blow out the candles when the sound of the door opening traveled to her ears. The maids were startled and frantically bobbed in greeting to Ludwig, who’d just came in.

Ludwig went straight to the inner room, so the maids hastily retreated.

He carried the coolness of the night with him. He appeared splendidly, with silver tassels and glistening buttons reflected off the lights.

His azure eyes were more enchanting than the moon, and his golden hair was like the clearest sunshine in the morning.

He stared at Yu Chu quietly.

Yu Chu was puzzled. “What’s wrong?”

His expression remained calm, but he suddenly strode over and hugged her.

He slightly lowered his head and held her in his arms. His arms tightened around her as he calmly asked in a somewhat hoarse voice, “You still like him?”


Yu Chu was dumbfounded at first but soon understood his words. But, she was speechless for a moment. 

She didn’t specifically tell him about her plan.

It wasn’t due to her negligence. She just felt that there was no need to tell him about it.

Her escape plan shouldn’t have alarmed him in person. After Yin Sha and Luo Lang were caught, they should’ve been immediately imprisoned.

She didn’t expect Ludwig to hear about it and believe those words.

Even though she had thought about it carefully, she’d failed to take this into account. Of course, there was no need to doubt her feelings.

But this guy…

He’d heard about it…

…and believed those words?

He strode over to find her like a child. This posture of his, he was hugging her so tightly, as if he wouldn’t let her go no matter what. Could it be that he’s afraid that I’ll run away?

Yu Chu wanted to laugh but couldn’t, so she hugged him back and patted him on the back. “Where did you hear that from? How could I like someone else? “

Ludwig let go of her. His gaze was calm as he replied, “That painter told me.”

Yu Chu was stunned for a moment. Then, she asked, “You didn’t dispose of him?”

“No,” Ludwig seemed a little aggrieved as he continued, “I didn’t dare to kill him. If…”

He didn’t finish his words as he suddenly received a knock on the head.

He froze.

“Dummy,” Yu Chu in his arms silently laughed and added, “Don’t doubt your importance in my heart, Hale.”

“No one is more important than you.”

Yona’s Corner:

Hi all, hope you enjoyed this chapter. There are only 3 chapters left and then we are off to the next arc ^^. 

P.S. I always link the next chapter in advance so that I don’t need to keep editing the link in the previous chapters whenever I release a new one. The regular schedule is 1x chap on Mon, Wed, Fri. But, if I have some extra time to spare in a particular week, I’ll translate and release a bonus chap on Sat as well. Cheers~

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1 Lanterns are released on special days like the Lantern Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Chinese New Year to worship gods, send away disasters, and welcome happiness. Some young men and women also release lanterns to pray for a good marriage. River lanterns are also released during the Hungry Ghost Festival, as it is believed that they will guide the lost souls to the afterlife. Source: Wikipedia. Image: Floating River Lanterns.
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