100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 126: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (37)

The result of thoughtlessly whispering sweet nothings in Ludwig’s ear was her being pounced on again and eaten dry, ending up with a sore back.

Ludwig seemingly had the same temperament and self-control as Su Yanbai. Still, in regards to this matter, he was as infatuated as Su Yanbai. Now that she thought about it… Adding on Anmore, Feng Qing, this guy…simply had no self-restraint.

Yu Chu blushed.

OMG… In three consecutive realms, things have actually led to this kind of relationship… But in the Lord God’s space, Feng Qing and I haven’t really developed any sort of relationship.

Won’t it be awkward when we see each other again?

Just thinking about it made Yu Chu feel awkward.

She bet that when Feng Qing picked her up at that time, he was in no way planning on raising a wife. 

Based on that guy’s indifferent attitude, he probably brought her back on a whim. He simply wanted to raise a baby for fun.

Yu Chu resigned to her fate and thought: I might as well eternally continue with the capture strategies, one realm at a time. It would be fine as long as we can be together in those realms, then there’s no need to return to the Lord God’s space.

She felt apprehensive.

Even though we have an intimate relationship in these realms, will Feng Qing still acknowledge our relationship after returning to Lord God’s space?

If not…

She bit the corner of the quilt.

Lugwig’s fair and slender body snuggled up to her. His blond hair was dazzling, and his eyes as clear as a lake. “What are you thinking about?”

Yu Chu poked his flawless abs and asked, “Will you like me eternally? Forever?”

Ludwig’s gaze was fixated on her. He covered her eyes and replied, “Yes.”

“Even if we are in a different world?”


“No matter what?”


“What if, hypothetically speaking, you don’t like me?”

Ludwig finally stayed silent. After a while, he finally looked up at her and unhurriedly replied with an earnest look on his face, “Then, I will live my life in solitude.”

Yu Chu stared at him in a daze.

Ludwig took her hand and lightly planted a kiss on it, his long eyelashes drooping beautifully like a feather fan.

“I didn’t want to like anything or anyone at first, but you appeared in my life, so I started to like you.”

Yu Chu was so moved that she looked at him with teary eyes. “When you put it like that, it’s the same as not saying anything at all.”

Ludwig simply stared at her. His eyes curved into crescents and his lips curled upwards into a slight smile.

Yu Chu was immediately dazzled by his rare smile.

She coughed and said, “Alright then. Concerning Yin Sha’s punishment, I have something else planned for her.”


Ludwig rubbed his nose against her bare neck to indicate that he was listening.

“How about giving her to the emperor?”

Yu Chu’s eyes were sparkling with excitement and anticipation.

Ludwig was momentarily stunned. He then kissed her on the lips and calmly said, “That’s a good idea.”


The mission finally came to a successful end.

Luo Lang was, unsurprisingly, sentenced to death. Ludwig seemingly couldn’t tolerate his existence in this world.

Recalling all the things that Luo Lang had once done to the original host, Yu Chu didn’t sympathize with his fate.

As for Yin Sha, she had done many more evil things than Luo Lang and was ultimately delivered to the old emperor.

However, it wasn’t for her to enjoy a comfortable life.

Since Yin Sha was sent over by Grand Duke Ludwig, the emperor not only didn’t dare to kill her, but he had to accept her with a smile on his face. Seeing that Yin Sha had already lost her chastity to Luo Lang and she was further tainted in the POW camp, the emperor simply didn’t want to touch her.

Hence, she lived a life worse than death.

A year and a half later, Yu Chu, who was staying in the distant Grand Duchy, finally received news of her suicide.

She revealed a faint smile and threw the letter into the fireplace, watching as the paper burned to ashes.

With this piece of paper, the original host’s grievances were eliminated without a single trace.

Yona’s Corner:

Hi all, hope you are doing well! This is the end of the main story in Arc 3, but there are two extras left. Cheers~

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Foreshadowing at it’s best.

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