100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 127: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (38)

[Third Story]

[Ludwig – Side Story]

Hale von Ludwig

Personality Reveal: Iceberg + Facial Paralysis + Silly (highlighting the main point)

– Chapter 100 –

First meeting.

The first time he saw her.

A young girl’s appearance was particularly eye-catching in the cell. There were two girls with the same black-colored hair and pitch-black pupils, but when his eyes fell on one of them, his heart suddenly skipped a beat. It was as if it was gently caressed by a cat’s paw.

She was small and slender, seemingly a very obedient girl.


– Chapter 101 – 

Ludwig stared expressionlessly at the young girl with her head lowered and raised his hand to pull at his collar.

She never looked up at him.

Ludwig was used to people looking at him with admiration or adoration. He never cared about other people’s gazes, but he somehow wished that she could look up at him like that.

However, she didn’t seem interested in him.

His mood suddenly darkened.


– Chapter 102 – 

While listening to the other black-haired girl, his eyes uncontrollably moved over to her countless times, but she never looked up. 

He remained silent and felt a bit jittery.

She listened on while the other woman coveted him with those undisguised coquettish words, but she remained indifferent.

Ludwig’s gaze darkened slightly.

All his emotions were hidden behind a calm front.


– Chapter 103 – 

His voice was faint as he said, “Go ahead and speak.”

He couldn’t help but want to protect her.

He got a grateful smile in return. Though his expression remained calm and collected, he was, in fact, delighted in his heart.

Her smile was beautiful.

Ludwig’s expression remained indifferent.

He knew that she had eloped with someone else.

He didn’t care about this before. But he began to ponder about it slowly in a rational manner.

She eloped, which meant that she had someone she liked.

He suddenly felt like someone had tightly clutched his heart with one hand.

He found it hard to breathe.


– Chapter 104 – 

She was lying.

Ludwig was clearly aware of this.

Although her explanation was watertight, her little trick was obvious, so she was undoubtedly lying.

He knew it was a lie.

But things were still thrown into disorder. In a moment of confusion and helplessness, bloodlust overwhelmed him in an instant.

When she said that a man had forced himself on her, a crack appeared in his rational mind. He wanted to kill that person no matter the reason, whether it was true or false.


– Chapter 105 – 

She snuck a little closer and was seemingly quite pleased with her stealthy advance, thinking he didn’t notice it.

His mood unexpectedly improved, especially when the young girl gave him a lovely ingratiating smile.

She ought to smile at him like that all the time.


– Chapter 106 – 

He gave her his cloak.

That was right, she was dirty all over. Only her pair of bright eyes were clear to look at.

But he couldn’t let her freeze.

He couldn’t care less about anything else at the moment.

He was secretly happy.


– Chapter 107 – 

She didn’t seem to care about his feelings at all as she nonchalantly gave a long list of reasons for her elopement.

She didn’t know anything, so she naturally didn’t care. He was the only one who felt stuffy and unhappy.

He believed that she was still lying, so he asked a question.

She answered with yes.

His sullen and stormy emotions were barely contained.

He endured it.

Until the storm was soothed by her remaining words of explanation. He was obviously still angry, but he couldn’t control his feelings and stop his heart from aching for her after hearing about all the things she’d suffered. She probably thought he was interrogating her, but he was, in fact, just concerned about her.

He was simply bearing with it silently.


– Chapter 108 – 

She was deliberately buttering him up.

But it was a very enjoyable experience.

He was caught off guard by her compliments. He didn’t mean to ignore her. It was just that he didn’t know how to react at that instant.

Since he was at a loss for what to do next, he had to gloss over it.

His expression turned a million times colder.

As a matter of fact, he decided to cut and run.

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