100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 129: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (1)

Outside an empty villa.

The night was silent, and the grass leaves on both sides of the highway were bent by the heavy dewdrops.

On this evening, where only the chirping of insects and the soft-blowing wind could be heard, the villa halfway up the hill appeared a bit eerie.

Yu Chu swallowed hard and said with difficulty, “Is he-he-he really inside?”

The system confirmed: [Yes.]

“You-you-you didn’t lie to me?”

[… Why would I lie to you, Host?] The system seemed somewhat helpless as it added: [This time, the Lord God’s situation is a bit special, so I can sense him in advance. Don’t be such a scaredy-cat.]

“Wh-who-who’s a scaredy-cat?”

Yu Chu’s calf was trembling nonstop, and her hand holding the flashlight was also quivering slightly. She paused and took a deep breath.

The cold, moist air of the night was inhaled into her lungs, making her feel cold all over.

Although the fresh air made her clear-headed, it also made her more terrified.

Yu Chu felt like crying, but there were no tears.

From what she knew, this villa had been empty, without a single soul in sight, for the past half a month.

There was no light on. The whole villa was dark, like a ferocious beast, quietly crouching there in the middle of the night.

Yu Chu took a step forward and walked towards it.

She bit the tiny flashlight, carefully climbed over the railing, and landed in the garden.

She gradually saw the main structure of the villa. There was a man-made lake with a wooden bridge on it, which connected the garden to the beautiful villa’s entrance.

At the entrance was a glass door with a fingerprint lock. The glass door was so clean and shiny that it could reflect one’s own reflection when one stood in front of it.

Outside the door, a retro-styled street lamp was on.

Yu Chu swallowed hard again.

Fudge! If only there was a bullet screen[1]A bullet screen is a function in video-sharing sites that allows viewers to post on-screen comments in videos, movies, etc. in real-time.. With a bullet screen as protection, at least the netizens could funnily roast this haunted house and make it less scary.

The door was not shut completely; it just seemed as if it was closed.

It was dark and pitch-black inside.

Yu Chu was about to cry, but then she thought of Ludwig’s pledge. He had said that he would definitely love her, even if they were to meet in a different world. Yu Chu relied on these words to cheer herself up. She gritted her teeth and stepped inside.

The flashlight illuminated a small path ahead of her, but the wider area was still shrouded in darkness.

Yu Chu felt shivers all over her body. She stared at the small path in front and saw some broken glasses and shards, as well as some blood traces.

She knew whose blood this was.

The owner of this villa died a strange death in his own living room half a month ago.

Fudge! This is so scary! (ಥ﹏ಥ)

She subconsciously held her breath as she walked through the corridor and arrived at the living room.

The corpse was brought away long ago. However, since the case had not been solved yet, the scene was maintained in its original state.

From a distance, Yu Chu already saw a faint glimmer of light in the living room.

She stiffly walked over with trembling legs.

The light came from the TV.

The screen showed the news channel, and the news anchor was presently announcing in a steady voice, “It is reported that the famous entrepreneur, Mr. Ji, was unexpectedly found dead in his home with multiple wounds on his body. It is suspected that those wounds were caused by scratches. The police extracted fingernails and saliva from Mr. Ji’s wounds, and after a thorough inspection, it was ascertained that all these substances belonged to Mr. Ji himself. As for the possible causes, it is still under further investigation…”


Yu Chu swallowed hard.

There was a sticky sensation under her feet. She knew without looking that she had accidentally stepped on a large puddle of blood.

She inwardly instructed the system to erase her traces and raised her feet with a stiffened expression. Suddenly, she heard a soft chuckle behind her.

She froze and slowly turned back.

But, what came into view was not a frightful spectacle.

A young man sat on the window with his long legs folded casually. His face was pale but exquisite. Illuminated by the brilliant moonlight, he was absolutely a stunning sight, seemingly an otherworldly person.

That’s right… He’s not a person.

Yona’s Corner:
Hi all, it’s the start of a new Arc! Hope you enjoyed this chapter! 

Fun fact: this arc was left out and not published on the official novel sites (but I’m translating it anyway XD). I think this has to do with the literature censorship on certain topics and contents, so the author didn’t publish this arc in the official releases. There are a few more arcs that were left out on the official channels, but I will let you know when we reach those arcs. Cheers~

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1 A bullet screen is a function in video-sharing sites that allows viewers to post on-screen comments in videos, movies, etc. in real-time.
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