100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 130: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (2)

Ji Chen. 

He was Yu Chu’s target.

The young man sat casually on the window. He looked over with his pale and gorgeous face, revealing a pair of pitch-black eyes that were seemingly imbued with a dangerous aura.

He tilted his head and sized Yu Chu up. After hesitating for a moment, he raised an eyebrow and blinked a few times. “You can see me?”


Ji Chen momentarily froze. Then, he pursed his pale lips with interest.

With his slender, fair hand propped up against the windowsill, he lithely leaped down the window and walked towards Yu Chu.

Though this ghost is a little pale-skinned, he’s actually very handsome. 

Yu Chu’s legs were still trembling as she whispered in a sobbing tone, “You-you stay there first, don’t come over.”

Ji Chen stopped in his tracks and narrowed his beautiful eyes. He stared at her with an indescribable look.

“You’re afraid of me?” he asked.

Fudge! You don’t say! Who’s not afraid of ghosts?!

Yu Chu swallowed hard and stared at his beautiful face. She fixated her gaze at him for a while before gritting her teeth and shaking her head. “No, I’m…I’m not afraid of you.”

She took a breath and quickly added, “I’m here to help you.”

Ji Chen raised his hand and placed his index finger against his lips. The contrast of his slender finger against those soft pale lips actually made for a very sexy and attractive sight. He stared straight at her, seemingly intrigued by her words. “Help me with what?”

As he moved his gaze to the pool of blood under Yu Chu’s feet, a trace of disgust swiftly flashed across his eyes. He unhurriedly added, “I have already taken my revenge.”

Yu Chu stayed silent.

She knew that he’d already avenged himself.

She knew Ji Chen.

No—to be exact, the original host knew Ji Chen.

The original host and Ji Chen went to the same high school.

It was just that Ji Chen was the most popular and most handsome guy at school. He would receive so many love letters that his drawer was stuffed to the brim every day. On the other hand, the original host was just an ordinary, invisible person at school.

Ji Chen was considered a legend at school.

However, when he turned eighteen, an accident happened.

With the system’s support, Yu Chu personally witnessed the scene as if she were watching a movie. At that time, Ji Chen frowned and stepped forward to support his drunken father, but he was cruelly pushed away by the latter.

Ji Chen stumbled to the edge of the stairs. Yet, before he could stabilize himself, he’d already fallen down the stairs. His head hit the edge of the handrail, and blood instantly flowed down his beautiful face, his complexion paling by the second.

He held on to the railing and tried to stand up, but he didn’t have the strength to do so.

He didn’t even cry out in pain. He stared up the stairs but remained deadly silent.

All people knew was that Ji Chen’s family was wealthy; he had excellent grades and was born for the spotlight.

But no one knew that, when he was young, Ji Chen often saw his mother beaten half to death by his drunken father. In the end, his mother decided to end her life with a bottle of pesticide. At that time, there was only the bewildered young Ji Chen at her side.

He watched her depart with a relieved smile on her face.

As he grew up, Ji Chen barely communicated with his father.

Yet, before he could expose his father’s crimes and let him get the punishment he deserved, he himself already bade farewell to this world in the same silent manner.

He knew very well that, this time, his father could similarly use his money and power to escape punishment.

Just like back then.

In the last second of his life, Ji Chen’s delicate face already lost all its color. His pale face contrasted with the gurgling blood behind his head, but he slowly revealed a smile.

It was a mocking smile.

If I can, I would love to avenge myself.

To come back and avenge myself…

…in person.

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1 year ago

What a tragic story for our ML 🥺

Thanks for the chapter 😪

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