100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 132: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (4)

Alright then.

Yu Chu ground her teeth.

She was now certain that he was playing a trick on her.


Ji Chen had a dark and difficult childhood before she’d arrived here. In the end, he even had to experience the awful stillness and hopelessness of death…

When she recalled these scenes, a trace of imperceptible heartache flashed across her eyes, and she silently heaved a sigh.

It doesn’t matter. Being tricked a few times is nothing.

As long as he’s happy, it’s fine.

She could only blame this stupid mission, for it didn’t let her arrive in this world earlier. How nice would it be if she could’ve come here when Ji Chen was still a child? Then, she could’ve secretly taken him away, pampered him to the skies, and let him grow up safely and happily.

She shot a glance at Ji Chen and hesitated for a moment before softly asking, “So…are you planning to stay here from now on?”

Ji Chen looked over and tilted his head. His eyes curved into crescents as a smile graced his face, revealing his cute dimples. “No, I’m naturally gonna…”

He suddenly leaned over and smilingly added, “…follow you.”

Yu Chu felt a cool breeze and a faint fragrance assaulting her senses. She blinked her eyes and seemingly came to a sudden realization. Her eyes widened in surprise as she said, “It seems that I can touch you…”

The system didn’t mention this!

She tentatively extended her hand out towards Ji Chen.

“How about you…touch me and check it out for yourself?”

Ji Chen lowered his gaze slightly and extended his fair and slender finger to gently touch her outstretched palm.

When his cold fingertip caressed her warm hand, it was as if a tremor hidden deep in the soul was suddenly awakened and began the shake violently.

Both of them were stunned.

Yu Chu hurriedly asked the system, “What’s going on?”

The system answered: [The Lord God is a spirit this time, so you can touch him thanks to your spirit. You can say that this is how spirits communicate, haha!”


#Suddenly so unreliable, what’s going on?#

Ji Chen withdrew his hand and stared meaningfully at his own hand before shifting his gaze to Yu Chu. When he saw that she was in a daze and thinking about something else, he felt strangely a bit upset.

He suddenly reached out and took hold of her wrist. His cold touch instantly brought Yu Chu to her senses. She blinked at him. What he could see now was his own reflection in her eyes.

Ji Chen pursed his lips and smiled. His beautiful eyes shone bright, and his tone was gentle as he asked, “Shall we leave?”

“Uhm… Uhm, let’s go.”

Yu Chu absent-mindedly turned the flashlight around and held his hand. She shrunk behind him and said, “Let’s go, let’s get out of here.”

Ji Chen smiled at the sight. “I’m the ghost, so why are you hiding behind me?”

“It’s the atmosphere, the atmosphere. Understand? You’re not scary, but the atmosphere is truly too eerie.” Yu Chu rolled her eyes at him. But then, she suddenly remembered that this ghost was her target. Besides, they weren’t that familiar yet. Seeing that she had to coax him with a friendly attitude, she hurriedly changed the topic to make him forget the fact that she’d just rolled her eyes at him.

“Let’s go to my place. But, my place is quite small, and my bed is also small… Oh, you don’t need to sleep, right?”

She looked towards Ji Chen.

Ji Chen’s expression froze for a few seconds. He was still all smiles, as if he hadn’t noticed her previous eye roll. He then mischievously answered, “Well, who knows? Other ghosts probably don’t need to sleep, but I’m…”

His long eyelashes fluttered along as he blinked. He pursed his lips and smiled, his eyes turning into crescents. “…so sleepy now~ What should we do?”


Fine. Yu Chu just confirmed one thing.

This guy is a little devil…

It’s no wonder that girls only dared to hand him love letters. After all, the little devil loves to play tricks on people, so confessing in person is a bit risky…

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