100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 133: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (5)

Yu Chu sneakily took Ji Chen back home.

Actually, she was the only one who was sneaking around. Ji Chen next to her wasn’t disconcerted at all and openly strode into her apartment. He looked around calmly, his eyelashes quivering slightly as he looked left and right.

His tone carried a bit of disdain as he commented, “It’s really small.”

Yu Chu, behind him, silently rolled her eyes.

Her family was just an ordinary household. For them to have a three-bedroom apartment in a big city like Imperial Capital was already a very impressive feat, alright?

Not everyone was as rich as his family and could afford to live in a big villa.

Ji Chen was a genuine young master of a rich and powerful household. If not for his ‘scumbag’ father, someone like him could have led a luxurious life in the limelight.

He was undoubtedly a Mr. Perfect. With his looks, height, and excellent grades, his charm would still shine through even if his personality was like that of a little devil.

Countless girls in school had a crush on him. Behind the scenes, they nicknamed him ‘husband’. Whenever his name was mentioned during their evening girls’ talk in the dormitory, their hearts would skip a beat, and each of them would blush as red as a tomato.

They secretly discussed how he looked in his casual clothes or sportswear. They would recount the time they saw him in winter. Back then, his snow-white tender face was half-hidden by his scarf, and his eyes were slightly lowered. His long eyelashes fluttered beautifully amidst the wind, making his very image overload with cuteness. That scenery was so cute that it melted everyone’s heart.

As Yu Chu recalled those girls’ talks in the dormitory, she rubbed her nose and stared at Ji Chen in front of her.

His features were very fair and beautiful. He was floating in mid-air with his long legs crossed and blinking his eyes while casually looking around. This image of his was indeed very adorkable.

Mother Hao walked out of the kitchen and saw Yu Chu standing in the doorway. She glared at her and pointed at the clock on the wall. “Hao Chu, looks like you’ve grown up and become more capable, huh?! You went to dinner with your classmates and ate all the way until ten o’clock?”

“Mum, I know I’ve come home late today. Next time I’ll pay attention to the time and promise that I’ll come home earlier,” Yu Chu wisely didn’t talk back and answered obediently.

Mother Hao picked up the cleaning rag and wiped the table, no longer pursuing the matter. “Quickly go back to your room and sleep. You’re already a third-year student. You have to pay more attention to your studies.”

“Mhmm.” Yu Chu nodded in agreement and walked through the living room to go back to her room.

When she passed by Ji Chen, a trace of mischief flashed across the latter’s eyes. He suddenly extended his hand and poked her waist.

Yu Chu nearly jumped up.

Behind her, Mother Hao cast her a disgruntled look. “You can’t even walk properly. What are you jumping for at home?”


Yu Chu stayed silent and glared at the ghost beside her.

Ji Chen’s eyes curved into crescents and beamed at her, revealing cute dimples on his cheeks.

Little Devil!

Even though you’re super cute, you’re still a little devil!

Yu Chu walked into her room and watched him float in casually, as if he owned the place. Ji Chen swept over the pink room and blinked. 

“I don’t want to sleep in a bed with pink laces.”

Yu Chu closed the door and let out a chuckle. “I didn’t say that I’ll let you sleep on the bed. Isn’t it the same wherever you sleep?”

She then went into the bathroom to take a shower and locked the door behind her. When she came out, she saw Ji Chen, who’d disdained her pink-laced bed just a moment ago, now lying in bed obediently. He even covered himself up with the quilt, revealing only his gorgeous-looking face.

He stared at her with his big round eyes.

Yu Chu was surprised. “You can touch things…?”

Ji Chen’s eyes curved into crescents as he replied, “Mhmm. If I want to, I can.” Then, he rubbed his eyes with a sleepy look on his face.

“Good night.”


Yu Chu ground her teeth and stared at him for a while. In the end, she helplessly heaved a sigh.

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He can touch things eh..oh I see..
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