100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 134: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (6)

What was it like to have a ghost lying beside you?

His body seemingly didn’t have any warmth. His body temperature wasn’t cold nor warm; it was the kind of temperature where one couldn’t feel his presence at all.

It was quite a novel experience…

Yu Chu turned her face sideways and stared at his sleeping face.

His features were clean and beautiful, like that of a child. Although his complexion was a little pale, he was still as beautiful as an angel.

She turned over to face him and closed her eyes.


The night was silent.

It was unknown how much time had passed, but Ji Chen suddenly opened his eyes. His originally pitch-black eyes now contained a profound glint, glistening like stars falling all over the sky.

He quietly stared at Yu Chu beside him. After a while, the corner of his mouth suddenly arched up to reveal a nonchalant smile. He extended his hand and caught the loose strands of hair on Yu Chu’s cheeks. His voice was cold but pleasant, and it carried a hint of allure as he said, “Little fool.”

He only murmured these two words. Then, he smiled and wordlessly closed his eyes.


The following day, Yu Chu woke up and rubbed her cheek against soft and smooth skin. 

Finally, she felt that something was wrong and instantly opened her eyes.

The first thing she saw was her holding Ji Chen in her arms like a female hooligan. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and her thighs pressed against his waist. She was also unscrupulously resting her head against his collarbone.

Yu Chu’s brain froze for a second. She didn’t instantly move away. Instead, she slowly raised her head and sneaked a glance.

He’s still asleep.

He was breathing evenly and seemed to be sleeping very soundly. His cute dimples were faintly discernable on his fair and tender cheeks, and his long eyelashes were still.

Before Yu Chu could heave a sigh of relief, Ji Chen suddenly stirred awake and placed his slender hand on his forehead. He switched his sleeping posture and lazily turned over.

Yu Chu, whose hands and legs were still clinging onto his body, was immediately dragged along and inadvertently pounced on him.

Her lips brushed against Ji Chen’s cheeks. That slight touch felt very good, and his temperature was neutral. There was also a lingering sweet and soft flavor, as if she’d just touched a ball of cotton candy.

Ji Chen slowly opened his eyes.

His beautiful eyes were still a little misty. He groggily laid on his back for a moment before lowering his gaze to quietly stare at Yu Chu.

To be exact, he was staring at her lips.

Yu Chu hurriedly climbed up from his body and awkwardly scratched her hair. “I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Ji Chen remained silent.

It was unknown whether he was already wholly awake, but he sat up from the bed with his long legs crossed and one hand hanging down, revealing a part of his ankle that was as fair as his skin.

He raised his other hand and touched the cheek that had just been kissed, and blinked his eyes.

For a moment, Yu Chu didn’t understand his reaction.

She licked her lips and hesitantly said, “Did I scare you? I really didn’t mean to…”

Ji Chen, however, was staring fixedly at her lips. He blinked again. Then, he suddenly moved closer, propped one of his hands on the bed, and softly said, “I’ve changed my wish.”

Yu Chu was stunned. “What?”

She then realized that he was talking about the wishes she going to help him fulfill.

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to go to the amusement park and such…” Yu Chu looked at him and hesitantly continued, “…what kind of changes do you want to make?”

“I suddenly have a new wish.”

The corner of Ji Chen’s lips arched up, and he stared at her with an adorable smile.

He stared at her lips, his eyelashes quivering lightly.

“Be my girlfriend, and let’s experience all the things…a couple can do together.”

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1 year ago

Ooooooooh experience ALL the things that a couple can do together 😳???

Thanks for the chapter ♥️

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