100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 135: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (7)

Yu Chu sat in the classroom with an expressionless face.

Everyone has been fooled by this little devil! This school hunk has a beautiful face. He was aloof and handsome most of the time and occasionally as adorkable as a child…


His inner self was, very, very, naughty!

As she recalled him looking straight at her and slowly describing the things he wanted to do with a smiling voice…Yu Chu’s ears uncontrollably reddened.

In the original host’s memory, School Hunk Ji Chen wasn’t like this.

The original host’s most profound impression of Ji Chen was on a particular winter morning. At that time, a group of lads was busily completing their morning exercises in the sports field. Only a tall and slender youth was lazily standing outside the line with an indifferent and aloof expression, his hands tucked in his pockets.

In his class, the sports committee member was a girl, and she would always entrust him with monitoring the morning exercises.

Only in this way would she have an excuse to start a conversation with him every morning. In exchange, she would receive a glance from the youth and hear him lazily answer with a ‘got it’. 

In the girls’ impression, Ji Chen wasn’t considered an aloof person. He would sometimes smile and reveal an expression carrying a hint of youthfulness and wantonness, but he was very difficult to approach.

He was very, very difficult to approach. He simply had no friends.

Yu Chu expressionlessly thought: From these fragmented memories, I have pieced together a heartwarming and pure young man, and by no means an unrivaled hooligan with a naughty inner heart!

Everyone’s seats would be rearranged today. Ji Chen lazily sat down next to her.

The students who passed by them somehow felt an inexplicable chill. Their body would instinctively move a step faster than their brains, and they would subconsciously walk past them.

Yu Chu was sitting in the middle amidst the first few front rows, so the empty seat beside her was particularly eye-catching.

The homeroom teacher looked around after the whole class was seated. With a baffled look, she pointed at a few students sitting in the back and remarked, “Zhou Yang, didn’t you say your eyesight is bad? There is a seat here. Lin Ying, why are you sitting so far in the back? Wouldn’t your vision be blocked by the rows in front? One of you, come and sit in front.”

The students who were mentioned by name shrank back and answered, “Teacher, thanks, but it’s fine. The seats here are also great.”

The homeroom teacher cast another baffled look at the students but eventually nodded and said, “Alright then.” 

As such, the seat beside Yu Chu remained empty.

She glanced at the smiling Ji Chen lying on the desk beside her and felt somewhat helpless.

She took out a sticky note from her drawer and wrote: This is not good, it’s too conspicuous like this.

Ji Chen sat up, and his strands of hair covered half of his eyebrow. With a languid voice, he asked, “Why not? I find this seating arrangement very good. You want to share a desk with someone else?”

He stared at her with his beautiful pitch-black eyes, a smile tugged at the corners of his lips. However, Yu Chu clearly made out the menace behind his good-looking smile.

She wisely shook her head and wrote on the note: I don’t want a deskmate. It’s great to share a desk with you.

Ji Chen smiled in satisfaction. Under the sunlight, his complexion appeared all the more snowy, and his eyelashes were veiled with a light golden color. He inched closer and blew in her ear. “Can you talk to me, pretty please?”

The homeroom teacher was currently saying something on the podium. It was the common motivational speech that teachers give to senior students, and the entire class was silent. How could Yu Chu speak at this time?

She looked ahead and gently pinched Ji Chen’s waist under the table and signaled for him to stop fooling around.

Ji Chen chuckled.

He wrapped his slender hands around her waist and brushed his lips against her face. He sucked her earlobe and gently ground it with his snow-white teeth.

Yu Chu instantly stiffened, her eyelashes quivering slightly.

This…this brat!

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1 year ago

Hahahahaha he’s going to keep seducing her in public😳

Thanks for the chapter ♥️

1 year ago

Just because others can’t see… Doesn’t mean that others can’t see her. She’s pantomiming by herself oh good lord
Many thanks

1 year ago

Best of luck to Yu Chu 😂 doing it in class oh god I hope Yu Chu won’t get in trouble…

Thanks for the update (≧▽≦)

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