100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 137: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (9)

Ji Chen had behaved himself for the following few classes. He slept peacefully on his desk and remained quiet.

At lunchtime, Yu Chu woke him up and laughed. “Do ghosts need to sleep so much as well?”

In the past, Ji Chen was known as the ‘Sleeping Adonis’ in school. This nickname wasn’t given because he was more handsome when he was asleep, but because he was always sitting alone by himself and slept through all the classes.

The girl sitting behind him would share her experience of watching the ‘Sleeping Adonis’ up close in an extremely excited and proud manner. She would describe his features like a poem with phrases like ‘his beautiful eyelashes resembled butterflies resting on his eyelids’, etc…

Ji Chen could really be considered a legend at school.

But, even though he was a ghost now, his sleeping habits had surprisingly not changed at all.

Ji Chen made a low, muffled sound and rubbed his eyes in a daze before standing up. Then, he reached over to hold Yu Chu’s hand and followed her towards the canteen.

When Yu Chu arrived at the canteen, it was already past rush hour, so she ordered two dishes she liked. Ji Chen followed her and cast a glance at the canteen auntie.

For some reason, when the canteen auntie stared at Yu Chu, she uncontrollably scooped a bigger portion of food and filled the plate. She even said with concern, “Aren’t you a third-year student? You have to eat more and nourish your body properly.”

Yu Chu cast a baffled look at the auntie but politely thanked her. She then took the food tray and found a place to sit.

Ji Chen moved over to hug her again.

Yu Chu helplessly said, “I’m eating.”

Ji Chen remained unmoved and softly said with a smile, “You eat yours, and I’ll hug mine.” 

Yu Chu could only let him continue hugging her and quickly finished her meal before putting the food tray away. When she was ready to go back to the classroom, Ji Chen suddenly leaned closer and whispered, “Don’t go back so early. I know a place with great scenery. Let’s go together and take a look, alright?”

He took Yu Chu’s hand and blinked at her. He stared at her with puppy eyes, making it impossible for her to say no.

Yu Chu once again gave in to his charm.

Hand in hand, they arrived at a forest with abundant crisscrossed leafy branches and trees. There was an open space in the middle, covered with colorful and mottled leaves.

Yu Chu knew this place.

Actually, everyone at school knew that Ji Chen liked this place and often came here to sleep.


Yu Chu turned around and noticed Ji Chen’s unhappy expression.

“Why are there so many people here?”

Indeed, at first glance, there were not many people. However, scattered around the open space, girls were sitting together in groups of two and three and having their lunch. They spread blankets on top of the fallen leaves and placed their lunchboxes on them as if they were on a picnic.

Yu Chu thought: Silly brat, isn’t this all because of you? 

Beyond the luxuriant branches and leaves, there sat a few girls, whispering something to each other.

“Shall we go to the mausoleum again this week and take a look?”

“I’ve written so many love letters to Husband, but he had never read them. Even now, I still find that news hard to believe.”

“Yeah, it’s so weird, isn’t it? He walked down the stairs and fell down by himself? I cried for so many days after I heard the news.”

“How I wish he was still alive…”

Yu Chu stared at Ji Chen next to her.

Ji Chen also looked over with a confused expression. He blinked and asked, “They are talking about…?”

Yu Chu sighed. “You.”

Ji Chen himself might not know how popular he was at school. After all, no one dared to confess to him in person. Most girls secretly paid attention to him, and only occasionally would someone write him a love letter.

Ji Chen’s eyes widened in surprise. He pointed to himself and asked with a shocked expression, “What did they just call me?”

Yu Chu replied, “Husband.”

When this word landed, the two of them stared at each other for a long time.

Finally, Ji Chen blinked.

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5 months ago

Ji Chen remained unmoved and softly said with a smile, “You eat yours, and I’ll hug mine.”
Real smooth

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