100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 138: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (10)

Ji Chen’s gaze darkened slightly. He held Yu Chu’s waist and pressed her against the tree trunk beside them. Then, he lowered his voice and said, “I haven’t allowed them to call me like that.”

Yu Chu wanted to laugh when she saw him fussing over minor matters, but she held back her laughter. 

She spread her hands and said, “You might not know this, but they all call you like that. We can’t stop them…”

Ji Chen frowned. He then softly snorted and leaned down, his lips covering Yu Chu’s.

As if he was expressing his discontentment, he gently bit Yu Chu’s lower lip but then quickly and carefully let go again. He tenderly licked the teeth mark he left before sliding his tongue deeper to entangle with hers.

Yu Chu’s breath was thoroughly plundered as his soft tongue teased her mouth recklessly. It sought her tongue, sweeping and sucking gently as he deepened the kiss.

The fragrance on Ji Chen’s body made her quiver.

The corners of Yu Chu’s eyes were permeated with tears. She was covered by layers of tree leaves, so the girls over there didn’t notice her.

After kissing Yu Chu for a long time, Ji Chen finally stepped back and let her go. He revealed a satisfied look, and the corners of his lips curled into a shallow smile.

“I like it.”

Yu Chu didn’t even have the strength to think about what he meant. 

She gasped and glared at him.

Ji Chen didn’t care at all that he was being glared at. Instead, he pounced on her again and planted a kiss on the corner of her lips.

His eyes curved into crescents, like that of a sophisticated cat.

He asked, “When are you going to give it to me?”

“Give, give what?” Yu Chu, who had been kissed into a confused state, was instantly flabbergasted. “I, I’m still in senior high school, not yet eighteen years old, I…”

“What does it matter? It’s only a few months away. It’s fine since I’m already eighteen.” Ji Chen blinked. He leaned against her forehead and said with an aggrieved tone, “Didn’t you call me ‘Husband’ earlier?”

“They all call you that!” Yu Chu was depressed.

“I don’t care,” Ji Chen was being unreasonable and justified, “I only heard you calling me that.”


“Or…” He suddenly lowered his voice, his pitch-black eyes staring at her unblinkingly. He then gently asked with an indescribable expression, “Did you lie when you said that you had a crush on me? “

Yu Chu choked.

This little brother has a good memory.

She shook her head. “No, I didn’t lie to you. It’s true.”

“Then, you don’t want to do it with me?” Ji Chen narrowed his eyes and seemingly pondered over this for a moment before softly hugging her and good-naturedly saying, “I’m going to be yours anyway. I’ll be good, and I won’t leave you. I can also do whatever humans can do. I can feed you, accompany you…and we can go wherever you want and do whatever you want.”

He leaned over again. He pressed his lips against the corner of her lips and softly pleaded, “Pretty please?”

Those pair of clear and beautiful eyes were like that of an adorkable spoiled kid asking, “Please accept my proposal.” 

Yu Chu was helpless. “Then, will you stay obedient?”

Ji Chen immediately agreed.

“I’ll be obedient. When alive, I’ll be your man, and when dead, I’ll be your ghost.”


After a moment of helplessness, Yu Chu finally tilted her head and took the initiative to kiss him. “You, you wait a little longer…” Her face gradually turned tomato red. She glanced at the smiling Ji Chen and glared at him. “It’s too early now. “

“Okay, it’s up to you.” After achieving his goal, Ji Chen was thrilled. He completely forgot about how he endured those previous days. He moved over and kissed her before heaving a sigh.

“I still don’t believe what you’ve said. Was it you who had a crush on me before, or was it me who had a crush on you?”


Yona’s Corner:
Hi all, sorry for the delay, been facing some RL issues these past two weeks, so didn’t have the time to translate. I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I’ll complete the next chapter in a few hours after work and post it soon!

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1 year ago

Lol I’m just wondering if there will be any negative effects on connecting with a ghost? Like an excess amount of yang energy or something? XD
Also… It would be so weird for her… No one can see him so it’s like she’s putting on a one man play *sweats*

Many thanks

1 year ago

Is their relationship part of fulfilling his unfulfilled wishes so he can move on in peace? Or will he want to stay? Will she want him to stay? Cuz it’s gonna be hard to have a ghost boyfriend the rest of her life😳

Thanks for the chapter 😁 RL happens, just glad that you come back and don’t drop us 🙏

1 year ago

I’m just worried for her. What if someone saw her while she was kissing with JC. Her tongue just flailing around making weird smooch sound lol XD

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