100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 139: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (11)

Why am I, the crush, constantly thinking about this matter and not her, the secret admirer?

Something must’ve gone wrong here, right…? 

But, forget about it. Since I have achieved my goal, it no longer matters whether she likes me more or vice versa. 

Ji Chen admitted that he liked her more, but so what? He was delighted to like her and was willingly enduring everything to be with her.

Anyway, he was her ghost, and she was his woman. She wouldn’t be able to cast him off in this lifetime.

He wouldn’t let her go even if she was a ghost…

Ji Chen evilly thought in his heart. He stared at the girl’s ponytail that was swaying in front of him, and his gaze softened a bit. As his eyes followed the movement of Yu Chu’s bundle of hair, his heart fluttering slightly.


The plan to enjoy the scenery fell through, so the two of them returned to the classroom hand in hand.

In the past, when Ji Chen was there, no one dared to go to the forest and disturb him. However, now he was no longer around. It seemed that he only left his traces behind in a few places and left behind a few things that make people feel nostalgic.

During one’s youth, one would inevitably encounter a pure-hearted person revered by countless people. 

Beneath Ji Chen’s cold appearance, his childish side would occasionally be exposed, which captured many young girls’ hearts.

Among the girls talking, someone unintentionally looked up and saw behind the cascading branches and leaves the back of a girl who was walking away, alone.

Shafts of light poured through the sky.

It was as if angels were standing beside her.

The girl was stunned. She only came back to her senses when the person next to her curiously asked her if something was wrong. 

The girl then replied, “I think I saw Husband….”


Her friend followed her line of sight and wanted to frown, but somehow, she was also left in a trance after watching the departing girl’s back. 

“Don’t be silly. He’s no longer here.”

The girl nodded. “Mhmm, maybe I saw wrong.”

That must be it.

Both of them stayed silent.

Ji Chen, he… he’s really gone.


One girl and one ghost finally returned to the classroom. 

Yu Chu took her mug to the water dispenser to get some water and stood in line. The girl in front of her hadn’t even filled her own water bottle yet, but she inexplicably made way for Yu Chu. “You…you can fill yours first.”

Yu Chu: “…”

She returned to her seat after getting water and helplessly whispered, “Stop scaring others.”

Ji Chen raised one of his delicate eyebrows. The corners of his lips curled up, and he obediently answered, “Alright, I won’t scare them anymore.”

He’s really behaving himself.

When she thought of the ‘thing’ she had promised him, Yu Chu wanted to hold her forehead in embarrassment and instantly turned tomato red.

This realm’s Feng Qing is really deadly. He keeps misbehaving, and his character is also super scoundrelly…

She cast a glance at Ji Chen, and their eyes met. Ji Chen, who had been eyeing her from the beginning, blinked and asked, “Am I obedient?”

His lightly scented breath poured out.

Yu Chu: “Obedient…”

“Am I well-behaved?”


Since he’s so cute, I’ll agree.


Yu Chu had chemistry class in the afternoon, which required her to go to the lab to do some experiments.

She took her textbook and left the classroom.

The original host had a few friends. They were quite familiar with her, so they wanted to come over and form a group for the experiment.

But, before Yu Chu could even smile at them, Ji Chen had already spread his arms and wrapped them around her shoulders.

The girls’ expressions stiffened. They seemingly felt a chill and subconsciously changed direction and walked past them without looking back.


Yu Chu helplessly asked, “Didn’t you say you’ll behave?”

Ji Chen momentarily froze. He then raised his eyes and pitifully answered, “There’s only one thing I want to request from you. Can you do it for me, please? I don’t like it when people approach you.”


“Females also won’t do.”

Yona’s Corner:
Hope you enjoyed the chapter! See you again next Monday~

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1 year ago

Ohhhh so possessive ❣️

Thanks for the chapter 😆

1 year ago

Honestly, I wouldn’t like someone who’s possesive to that degree. But I’ll give it to him, sasha must have left a big trauma to his poor soul ಥ◡ಥ

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