100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 140: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (12)

Yu Chu stayed silent for a moment before finally compromising. “Okay, since females also won’t do, then having you is enough.”

After she swept a glance at Ji Chen, the corners of her lips curled into a smile. “In any case, since you can’t contact other people nor touch them, then I will reluctantly keep you company and be like you.”

Ji Chen froze. He then pursed his lips and seemingly didn’t care about her joke as he happily hugged her and bit her, his beautiful eyes curving into crescents. 

“That’s right, I can’t touch others, so you don’t need to touch them either. It’s fine as long as we are together.”

Yu Chu stared at his sparkling eyes. It looked like he was very pleased. If he had a tail, it would be wagging joyfully by now.

“…” Ah, I should just resign myself to this fate.

After arriving at the lab, the chemistry teacher carefully explained the principles and processes of the experiment before letting the students go get the materials to start experimenting.

In fact, these experiments were detailed in the textbook, and all the steps were explained very clearly. The teachers have also taught the students these principles and processes many times since their third year of junior high school.

Since today’s experiment involved sulfuric acid, the chemistry teacher specifically instructed the students to be extra careful.

They had to hold the test tube and slowly pour the content into the other bottle.

Yu Chu stood in front of the lab table with the textbook neatly opened next to her. However, she didn’t even look at the book and directly poured out the liquid from one test tube to another in a calm and serious manner. Then, she picked it up to observe the changes.

Ji Chen was beside her, and his gaze never left her. As such, even these boring experiments somehow became a bit more interesting to watch.

He held his chin and watched on unblinkingly.

The lab was quiet, but there were also a few students whispering among themselves. The chemistry teacher had his hands behind his back, and he was shuttling between the lab tables to supervise the students’ experiments.

After he walked past Yu Chu, Yu Chu looked at Ji Chen and whispered, “If I recall correctly, you were a top student, right? I heard that you often scored full marks in chemistry.”

Ji Chen was momentarily stunned. Once he recovered, he let out a chuckle. His primary focus wasn’t on this question at all. He blinked and said, “So to say, you really paid a lot of attention to me in the past, huh?”

Yu Chu rolled her eyes at him.

With top grades like yours, even if I don’t pay attention, I will still hear about it from others, alright? 

However, she wisely decided to not say this out loud.

Meanwhile, a girl beside Yu Chu suddenly flung her hand, seemingly a bit annoyed because of her repeated failures.

But when she did, her elbow hit a bottle on the lab table, and it was knocked to the floor with a clink. Several drops of liquid splashed over.

Before Yu Chu could react, Ji Chen beside her had already pulled her into his arms, and the light-colored drops were blocked by him.

As an extraordinary ghost, he could also touch the objects he wanted to touch.

From a human’s perspective, those few drops of liquid flowed into mid-air. They then disappeared as it started to land, seemingly evaporated by the sunlight.

However, no one noticed this, and the lab became slightly chaotic as the teacher quickly came over. Finally, he frowned and told the students around Yu Chu to disperse and continue their experiments.

There was still liquid flowing out of the bottle on the floor, and there was a chemical formula label stuck on it.

Luckily, the sulfuric acid used in the students’ lab was not as concentrated and relatively less corrosive. Yu Chu hurriedly pulled Ji Chen over to check on him but found no injuries.

She breathed a sigh of relief and looked up at him. “It’s just diluted sulfuric acid, so it’s okay. Why did you block that?”

Ji Chen smiled, his eyes curving into crescents as he asked, “Then, why are you so anxious?”


Yu Chu was rendered speechless.

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