100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 141: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (13)

Yu Chu glared at Ji Chen and pulled him behind her before looking up to check the chaotic scene in front.

She didn’t see Ji Chen narrowing his eyes behind her. He expressionlessly stared at the girl across the room and snorted.

The chemistry teacher only told the students to disperse, not bothering to criticize the girl at all. He merely made her clear up the mess.

Yu Chu looked up to see Zhang Meng standing at the side. She was a beautiful girl, but her lips were curled, seemingly a bit annoyed and impatient.

The person next to her was still comforting her, “It’s okay, it’s just one experiment. Besides, we don’t have to do this often, so don’t be angry. It’s not like this determines the final examination.”

Zhang Meng wasn’t placated by her words. She suddenly turned her face and cast a glance at Yu Chu. After pausing momentarily, she said with a poor attitude, “Just now, you were standing the closest to me, right? But looking at you now…it seems like you’re fine.”

She didn’t even apologize.

Yu Chu didn’t care, nor did she want to bother with her. Thus, she merely met her gaze and stayed silent.

Zhang Meng was also considered a goddess-ranked personage at school because she had once boldly confessed to Ji Chen in person. At that time, this had caused a sensation, and she had become famous since then.

Her personality, though, was more flamboyant.

Yu Chu shifted her gaze to Zhang Meng’s lab table. It was as clean as a brand new chemistry textbook.

At that time, it seemed that she’d used the excuse that she was terrible at chemistry to approach Ji Chen and asked him to tutor her. As a result, she was completely ignored by him.

After this incident, Zhang Meng seemingly developed a strong dislike for chemistry.

Yu Chu averted her eyes.

But Zhang Meng was instantly angered by her action. She glanced at her chemistry textbook, and like a cat whose tail was stepped on, she meaninglessly harshened her tone and asked, “I’m talking to you! Can’t you hear me? What are you looking at?!”

The surrounding students all looked over.

Yu Chu was about to say something, but Ji Chen pulled her back unhappily.

There were students around her, so Yu Chu didn’t dare to directly glance back at the ‘air’. Though she could not see Ji Chen’s expression, she could clearly feel that he was unhappy.

She took Ji Chen’s hand in hers and moved her index finger slightly, wanting to hook his slender finger to placate him.

But, before she could make her move, Zhang Meng suddenly screamed without warning. She slipped and fell, landing heavily on the still uncleaned sulfuric acid.

Everyone was startled.

The laboratory’s tiled floor wasn’t slippery, and Zhang Meng was standing properly and didn’t move. Hence, it was truly baffling to see her suddenly fall like that.

However, no one thought in an unscientific direction and considered things like supernatural and paranormal stuff. They just rushed over to help Zhang Meng up.

The school paid particular attention to the student’s safety when it came to these experiments, so the diluted sulfuric acid wasn’t strong. Zhang Meng’s white clothes were merely stained by the liquid, but she was not injured.

Her complexion was pale when she was helped up by the other students.

Yu Chu stood outside the crowd and heard Ji Chen snorting next to her, seemingly not very satisfied with this result.

She helplessly pinched his fingertips.

When class ended, the students walked out of the classroom one after another. Ji Chen, however, suddenly pulled Yu Chu to a stop.

Yu Chu turned around and saw Ji Chen staring in one direction with a surprised expression. “At that time, It suddenly disappeared, and I couldn’t find it anywhere… To think that I would see it here.”

He walked over and picked up a crystal figurine in the corner. It was a tiny one, the kind of pendant ornament that one could hang on their school bags or keychains.

Ji Chen examined the figurine and suddenly turned back. A lovely smile was plastered on his face as he asked, “Did we know each other in our past lifetime?”

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