100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 142: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (14)

Yu Chu was stunned. “Why are you asking this?”

“Look,” Ji Chen stretched out his hand, revealing the crystal figurine in his palm, “this is the only thing I liked back then. I bought it at a roadside stall. I don’t know why but when I saw it from the corner of my eye at that time, I halted my steps and couldn’t walk away. Looking at it now…it actually looks like you.”

Yu Chu stared at the crystal figurine in a daze.

It was in the shape of a lively kitten.

She suddenly recalled that she’d followed Feng Qing to a realm set in the modern era when she was little. As they walked past the pedestrian bridge at night, she’d unblinkingly fixed her gaze on those small toys at the roadside stalls. Feng Qing then randomly picked up a small pendant and threw it to her.

It was also in the shape of a kitten.

Although it was different from this one, they were both in the shape of kittens.

This one wasn’t thrown to her at random.

Is there really a resemblance?

She pursed her lips as she stared at the figurine. Then, she looked up and whispered, “Can you gift it to me?”

“Of course,” Ji Chen’s eyes curved into crescents. He placed the figurine in Yu Chu’s hand and added, “I have always kept it in my desk drawer and never took it out. However, it suddenly disappeared one day, and I was sad for a long time.”

No wonder.

Yu Chu peered at him.

In the original host’s memory, Ji Chen was very listless for some time. He did not sleep in class and merely laid his head down on the desk with a dazed expression, appearing fragile and pitiful.

It turned out that it was because he’d lost this figurine.

“Then, maybe it’s due to your carelessness. You must have placed it in your pocket and forgot about it, dropping it here.” While criticizing him, Yu Chu hooked the figurine’s string to her finger and looked at it with a smile. “So cute.”

Ji Chen pounced on her and bit her earlobe. “Hey, are you praising yourself?”

When the two returned to the classroom, they saw a small group of people gathered inside. Zhang Meng was standing in the middle of the crowd teary-eyed, crying her eyes out.

Yu Chu: “…”

No way… Just now, she didn’t even get hurt that badly, yet she’s crying her eyes out? 

Yu Chu returned to her seat and heard Zhang Meng’s friend comfort her, “You must have dropped it in the lab or on the way back. Let’s go back and look for it. Maybe we will be able to find it right away.”

Oh, it turns out that she dropped something…

As realization dawned on Yu Chu, she suddenly looked at the figurine hooked to her finger and blinked.

In the next second, Zhang Meng, who coincidentally saw the figurine, opened her eyes wide and stomped over.

“My pendant!”

Yu Chu: “…”

Ji Chen’s mood instantly darkened. Yu Chu stealthily squeezed his palm and unhappily said, “Sorry, this is mine.”

She could care less about the previous incident at the lab as she was not a brash person that fought back for every small grievance.

But, when things concern Feng Qing…

That won’t do.

I won’t even yield an inch.

Zhang Meng reached out to grab the figurine but failed. She then furiously exclaimed, “That’s mine!”

Her friend frowned and testified, “It’s Mengmeng’s. I’ve seen her carrying it for months.”

Ji Chen’s gaze darkened. But, before he could make a move, Yu Chu had already snorted and stepped forward, raising her hand without warning.

A crisp slapping sound resounded throughout the room. The struck Zhang Meng was stunned. The rest were also stupefied by the sudden development, unable to utter a single word.

Yu Chu extended her hand to reveal the crystal figurine and waved it in mid-air, coldly stating, “You stole it. It is mine.”

The air seemingly froze for a few seconds. But, before the other students could react, Zhang Meng already furiously shouted, “How dare you hit me! Who do you think you are? Why would I steal it from you! Give it back to me!”

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