100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 143: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (15)

Indeed, Zhang Meng was the prettiest girl in the class, and her family was quite well off. Meanwhile, Hao Chu was just a little nobody and an invisible girl at school.

There was no reason for Zhang Meng to steal Hao Chu’s things.

Besides, it was just a trivial, mini ornament.

Yu Chu didn’t bother with the crowd and simply sat down.

In any case, this was a gift from Ji Chen, so it was hers. Why did she have to care about these people’s opinions?

Zhang Meng was slapped in the face and couldn’t get anything out of this, so her eyes turned red due to anger, making it seem as if she had just suffered a great deal of grievances. Her friend was also furious and loudly denounced Yu Chu.

As the surrounding students glanced at Yu Chu, their gazes also gradually turned strange.

Ji Chen hovered over to Yu Chu’s side. His initially gloomy mood instantly melted, and he brightened up. He stroked Yu Chu’s cheek and tenderly said, “You were so cool when you beat her earlier.”

“…” Can’t you see that I hit her because of you?

Though she didn’t say anything, Ji Chen’s eyes curved into crescents.

“But I don’t want them to misunderstand you.” The corner of his mouth hooked up to reveal a stunning smile, and he kissed her ear before adding, “Tell them it’s mine.”

Yu Chu shot a glance at him.

“Listen to me this time and say it, alright?” Ji Chen tenderly pleaded, his gaze warm and gentle.

Yu Chu blinked. In the end, she turned her head and rolled her eyes at the crowd. “You have no reason to steal from me, but what if this pendant is Ji Chen’s?”

Zhang Meng’s pupils instantly shrank.

The others also quietened down.

Time seemed to stand still.

The moment Ji Chen’s name was mentioned, it instantly drowned everyone’s voices, silencing them involuntarily.

Zhang Meng momentarily lost her speech. The first thought that ran through her mind was: How did Hao Chu know about this?

But before she could think things through thoroughly, she subconsciously fought back and asked, “Didn’t you just say it was yours?”

Yu Chu shot a glance at Ji Chen.

How should I answer her?

With a smile plastered on his face, Ji Chen pounced over and said, “Just say that it’s yours and that you have gifted it to me.”


Yu Chu’s eyes widened in surprise.

Say that I have gifted it to him?

Oh, right… It’s quite normal for secret admirers to send him small gifts. In any case, as long as I say that it is Ji Chen’s, Zhang Meng will have a reason to steal it.

She smiled and justly replied, “That’s because it used to be mine, and I gave it to Ji Chen. You weren’t aware of this fact, right?”

Zhang Meng’s eyes widened in shock.

It’s not Ji Chen’s?

To think that this little ornament that I have incidentally stolen, stared at daily with melancholy, and cherished dearly… Zhang Meng suddenly gritted her teeth.

It turns out this isn’t Ji Chen’s!

It’s just a small gift from one of his secret admirers!

But, but, after the crystal figurine went missing, he was obviously sad for a good period of time…

She remembered that, at that time, she was super happy at the fact that she possessed something that Ji Chen treasured so much.

Zhang Meng felt that something was off but couldn’t pinpoint what exactly. She could only try her best to stay cool-headed.

“Does it belong to you just because you said so? Where is the evidence? Without evidence, it’s just slander!”

Yu Chu glanced at Ji Chen again.

Ji Chen smiled happily and whispered in her ear, “Okay, keep it up and hold the fort for a while.”

Seeing Yu Chu staring at him blankly, he stood up and blinked at her. “I’ll go prepare the evidence.”


As expected!

You unreliable brat!

Yu Chu watched him disdainfully bypass the crowd and casually pick up a pen. He then picked up a block of pink sticky notes from another student’s desk and tore one page off to start writing in a serious manner.

Yu Chu’s heart skipped a beat.

Everyone was gathered here, but no one noticed a pen moving by itself, leaving behind beautifully written words on a pink sticky note. 

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