100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 144: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (16)

After Ji Chen finished writing, he happily folded the paper into a heart-shaped origami and placed it in the palm of his hand.

After he clenched his hand, that heart-shaped origami disappeared.

Yu Chu watched on as he walked over and placed that heart-shaped origami inside her drawer. He then softly said, “Alright, done!”

His beautiful eyes curved into crescents. He was seemingly in an excellent mood as he added, “This is the evidence. Show it to them.”


For a moment, Yu Chu didn’t know whether to believe him or not.

This little devil, he’s too playful…

But, right now, there is no other way.

When Zhang Meng saw Yu Chu staying silent all this while, her guilty conscience completely vanished, and her tone naturally became more forceful.

Some girls, who were merely watching from the sidelines with an indifferent attitude before, suddenly joined in the dispute after Ji Chen’s name was mentioned. They angrily stressed, “If it’s yours, then it’s yours. Even if you have no evidence, there’s no need to involve Ji Chen!”

They sure are very protective of that brat, huh…

Yu Chu ground her teeth and took out the ‘freshly baked’ heart-shaped origami from her desk. “Here’s the evidence!”

At the same time, she glared at a ‘certain’ ghost.

Everyone involuntarily quietened down and stared at the heart-shaped origami. 

After recovering their senses, a few girls suddenly burst into laughter and disdainfully sneered, “OMG, Hao Chu, you’re not going to say that this is Ji Chen’s, right?”

That person gave it to her, how was that possible?

Ji Chen had never been close to anyone.

He would throw all the love letters he’d received from the girls into the trash bin after school every day. As for those small gifts and other things, they were also not exempted from this treatment.

Although the girls hated him for doing this, they were similarly relieved because he was always alone by himself and did not accept anyone.

The girls’ gazes were brimming with disdain.

Yu Chu glanced at Ji Chen and saw him return a smile and wink at her cutely.

I don’t think that this brat…

…would dig a hole for me to fall in and prank me.

She peered at the heart-shaped origami and said, “See for yourself.”

Zhang Meng picked up the origami and sneered as she unwrapped it.

However, she froze the moment her eyes landed on those written characters.

It was very a beautiful handwriting. As long as one had seen Ji Chen’s handwriting, one would be able to easily recognize it at a glance.

Seeing her in a daze, another girl ceased smiling. She extended her head over to probe and took over the origami.

Everyone who glanced at it stiffened.

The pink note was passed on to all the students in silence. Everyone had the same reaction as the previous one, freezing on the spot, one after another.

Finally, someone silently placed it back on Yu Chu’s desk.

Yu Chu raised an eyebrow and picked it up.

The paper that was folded into a heart shape still had some uneven folds, and the handwriting on it was vigorous and beautiful.

[Classmate Hao Chu.]

[Thank you for the gift.]

[I like it a lot.]

[Don’t worry, I will always carry it with me.]

[And thank you for liking me.]

[However, please stop secretly crushing on me.]

Reading until here, it was like a polite reply. Actually, based on Ji Chen’s character, the fact that someone had received a response was already enough to make all the girls jealous. However, it was not enough to make them so agitated.

The key lay with the following sentence.

Ji Chen fluttered over and wrapped his arms around Yu Chu’s waist. He rested his delicate chin on her shoulder and blinked his eyes with a smile plastered on his face.

Yu Chu ground her teeth.


[I’ll allow you to like me fair and aboveboard~ You must like me as much as I like you. Not even a penny less. I’ll be supervising you in the future~!]


It was written with such a playful tone.

Moreover, he actually drew a cute heart below it.


Yu Chu looked up.

The whole class was silent, and everyone was staring at her with a complicated look in their eyes.

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1 year ago

Everyone must be thinking how pitiful her lovelife is. Her crush liked her back, but before it blossomed he died.

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