100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 146: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (18)


Yu Chu had already gotten used to this brat’s flirty nature.

After returning to the dormitory in the evening, Yu Chu climbed into bed and stuffed a certain restless ghost under the blanket before pulling the bed curtains shut and warning, “You’re not allowed to look around casually.”

This was the first time Ji Chen visited the girls’ dormitory, so he looked around curiously. But, he noticed Yu Chu’s displeased look and heard her warning, so he immediately raised his hands in good faith and swore, “I won’t look around casually. I’ll stay here.”

Though he was warned, he was still beaming at her. Seeing this, Yu Chu remained silent.

Afterward, she climbed down from the bed and took her things to wash up, pretending not to see her roommates’ peculiar gazes. They seemingly wanted to say something but hesitated.

On the other hand, a certain ghost was obediently sitting on the bed, cross-legged. He was staring blankly at the bed curtains for a long time. Then, he uncontrollably revealed a foolish smile and threw himself on the bed, rolling back and forth.

Why am I so happy even when I’m being ordered about? 

He didn’t bother to overthink things.

When the final bell rang, indicating that it was time for the lights to go out in the dorm, Yu Chu finally finished washing up and climbed into bed.

When she pulled the curtains open, she saw Ji Chen smiling at her cutely, his beautiful face resembling that of an angel.

She lay down beside him.

The dorm’s bed wasn’t very spacious to begin with, not to mention that Ji Chen had long legs. But he was lying on his side, so Yu Chu could still stretch her legs and lie down properly.

Ji Chen reached out and hugged her. He rubbed his head against her neck and said satisfactorily, “Good night.”

Yu Chu: “…”

Boy, you are too naive.

When the lights are out at the girls’ dorm, it signifies the start of nightlong conversations…

Strangely, no one took the initiative to start a conversation tonight. But, it was clear that none of them were sleepy yet. Yu Chu could hear the girl on the bottom bunk turn over, and after her neighbor pulled her curtains shut, she could still see the faint glow of a desk lamp.

After a while, one of the girls suddenly asked, “Chuchu, you and…Ji Chen, when did you guys get together?”

Yu Chu inwardly thought: Here it comes.

Thanks to the girl’s gossipy nature and curiosity.

When she opened her eyes, she met Ji Chen’s gaze. The latter was staring at her quietly, his pitch-black eyes reflecting a glimmer of light, as beautiful as two gemstone orbs.

What…? When did we get together?

To end the conversation quickly, Yu Chu simply answered, “Actually, we never got together.”

“Huh?” Another girl then asked in a surprised tone, “But Prince Charming gave you a reply!”

The girls quieted down when they recalled those words written on that pink note.

Lying through her teeth, Yu Chu said, “He did write back, but after that, we haven’t contacted each other.”

The girls stayed silent for a moment.

One of the girls then said with an envious tone, “Prince Charming probably didn’t want to distract you from your studies… How considerate of him~.”

Yu Chu: Whut???

Ji Chen chuckled. He mischievously leaned over and softly bit her earlobe.

Yu Chu’s breathing instantly quickened. She was afraid of being heard on this silent night, so she extended her hands to push Ji Chen away. As a result, Ji Chen hugged her even tighter.

“…” OMG, this little devil! 

Her body stiffened. Ji Chen licked her earlobe before kissing her ear. His head was pressed against the back of her neck, and she could feel his soft, tickling breath against her skin.

Outside these tightly closed bed curtains, one of the girls asked, “Then, do you know when Prince Charming started to like you?”

Ji Chen smiled and leaned over.

“When we met at the villa.”

Yu Chu suddenly recalled Ludwig’s words of ‘love at first sight’, and the look in her eyes instantly softened.

She naturally couldn’t tell her roommates this, so she looked at Ji Chen and replied, “I don’t know…”

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