100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 147: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (19)

“You didn’t tell the truth.” Ji Chen discontentedly hugged her tighter and turned her head over to face him. Then, he kissed her and gently nibbled her lips.

Yu Chu turned around and lay sideways. She stared at the pair of beautiful eyes close at hand and proactively kissed Ji Chen, hoping that he would behave himself a little after this.

Sure enough, the comforted Ji Chen behaved somewhat. Their lips were locked, but he didn’t make another move.

Outside the bed curtain, a long silence enveloped the room. Then, one of the girls softly sighed and asked in a low voice, “Chuchu, if Ji Chen was still here and you could be with him, what kind of things would you have wanted to do together with him?”

This question made Ji Chen’s eyes light up. He stared at Yu Chu and blinked. “That’s right, what kind of things do you want to do with me?”

After asking, he deliberately covered his face and added, “Oh, you can do whatever you want. Anything is fine~.”

The corners of Yu Chu’s mouth twitched. She remained silent.

That’s such a profound question, and it was asked in such a rueful tone… The other party might not necessarily be asking me.

That girl was probably asking herself that out loud.

Sure enough, this topic immediately aroused the interest of the entire dorm. Since Yu Chu and Ji Chen never got together and Ji Chen was no longer in this world, the girls nostalgically continued their girls’ talk.

One of the girls said, “If it were me, I’d be a gentle and considerate girlfriend and never lose my temper with him.”

“Mhmm, he’s like an adorkable child, so I just want to pamper him to the skies.”

“You guys are so naive. If I were you, I’d be kissing him during the day and jumping him at night.”

“Wow…awesome, you win!”

“Can you not be so dirty-minded?”

The girl, who was condemned a second ago, sneered in response, “Hey, that’s Prince Charming we are talking about! Don’t tell me that you girls never thought of him in this way?”

Everyone remained silent.

The girl was satisfied by their reaction and added, “Humph! You girls are just denying with your lips but affirming it in your hearts! We have to be honest with ourselves, understand?”

Another girl suddenly sighed. “What ‘jumping him’? You are thinking too far ahead. I think I’d be content if I can count his eyelashes before going to bed.”

The girls were chitchatting fervently while Yu Chu was held in the arms of the person in question. She wanted to cry, but there were no tears. Moreover, she really wanted to cover her ears.

Ji Chen smiled happily and said, “Did you hear that? I’m lying here to let you count my eyelashes, so you ought to be content.”

Yu Chu expressionlessly replied, “Mhmm, I’m very content. Other than counting your eyelashes…I don’t want to do anything else.”

Her voice was lowered to a whisper.

Ji Chen blinked and pursed his lips. Then, he suddenly smirked, and his pretty face lit up as he softly coaxed, “I was wrong. How can you be content with just that? I’m so well-behaved, so how can you not do something?”


Do those girls even know that you are so dirty-minded?!

Yu Chu glared at him. When she saw his fair and beautiful face coming closer, she couldn’t help but retreat a little and whisper, “Hey, Ji Chen…Mm….”

His soft lips locked hers again.

Ji Chen’s hand mischievously sneaked into her nightgown and traveled upwards along her waistline. Yu Chu quivered in return and grabbed his slender wrist. Her breathing was unsteady as she gritted her teeth and warned, “I already said…”

“I know.”

Ji Chen kissed the corner of her lips and caught her hand. His eyes held a glint of humor as he continued, “I will endure it.”

Yu Chu cast him a suspicious look.

Ji Chen reached out and hugged her, saying, “I just don’t want to wait too long. Don’t make me wait too long, okay? I want it earlier…”

He stopped talking and just smirked at her.

Yu Chu was really….rendered speechless.

Author’s Note: 

Big Boss Ji Chen’s inner feelings = [I really like her, like her so much that I’m about to go crazy~] + [Sniff, sniff, I really want to ‘papapa’,[1]’Papapa’ means rolling in the sheets XD what to do~?] 

Yona’s Corner: 

Hi all, I am feeling much better now, so I’m back! I will post 5 chapters this week to make up for the 2 chapters that I missed last week. One chapter will be posted per day till Friday. Take care and stay safe, everyone~~ 

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1 ’Papapa’ means rolling in the sheets XD
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