100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 148: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (20)

The news of ‘Ji Chen liking Hao Chu’ quickly spread around the campus. When Yu Chu went to class the next day, the strange gazes she received from the students almost bore a hole through her. 

Yet, the main culprit was still all smiles.

Even the homeroom teacher knew about this and called Yu Chu to her office for a talk. She tactfully asked Yu Chu about her recent state of affairs and comforted her with a bunch of kind words.

All this concern was for the same reason. It was because Ji Chen was no longer in this world. If it was an ordinary couple at school, the homeroom teacher definitely would be holding a 40-meter long stick by now and giving the lovebirds an earful.

But Ji Chen’s situation was an accident, so the homeroom teacher began to worry about the impact this incident had on Yu Chu.

Yu Chu had no choice but to comfort her homeroom teacher and assure her that she was alright.

Ji Chen was all smiles as he listened on. But that was until the homeroom teacher tactfully expressed her condolences in an earnest tone and told Yu Chu that she would meet a better one in the future.

He instantly became unhappy when he heard the last part.

What ‘meet a better one’? How could there be a better one? I’m the best. Even if I’m a ghost, she’s still mine!

The homeroom teacher suddenly felt a cold shiver on her back, as if something was coldly glaring at her. The cup of tea she was steadily holding suddenly slipped out of her hand and landed on the ground, spilling the steaming hot tea all over the floor.

But, luckily, it didn’t spill on the two of them.

She froze for a moment. Yu Chu, on the other hand, helplessly got up and picked up the teacup. “Teacher, are you okay?”

“Uhm…” The homeroom teacher blinked and nodded dazedly as she replied, “I’m fine…”

“Class is about to start, so if there’s nothing else, I’ll head back now.” Yu Chu calmly nodded and flashed a smile. Her calm demeanor made the homeroom teacher subconsciously nod as she answered, “Alright then, go ahead.”

Yu Chu walked out of the office with Ji Chen snorting behind her.

Yu Chu helplessly whispered, “Why did you lose your temper so quickly? My homeroom teacher is just…worried about me.”

Ji Chen’s slender figure floated in mid-air. The corners of his lips curled into a smile as he answered, “I know. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be as simple as dropping a teacup. She wasn’t hurt.”

Alright then. He at least had some principles and knew that he shouldn’t hurt others.

Yu Chu didn’t bother to argue with him over this matter.

Even if he was unreasonable and hurt the homeroom teacher in the process, Yu Chu still didn’t want to lose her temper with him due to someone else.

Let alone, he was so well-behaved right now.

The two of them returned to the classroom.

At this time, classes had not started yet, so the classroom was filled with chatters. The students were all fervently discussing the upcoming sports meet.

When Yu Chu walked to her seat and sat down, she suddenly heard the sounds of approaching footsteps. Among the group of people who were in the midst of discussing something, a male student abruptly walked over. With an eyebrow raised, he impolitely said, “Hao Chu, you have never participated in any of the sports meets before. This time, I’ve signed you up for the 3,000-meter run. It’s time for you to contribute a little to our class.”

Ji Chen knitted his brows the moment that male student spoke. 

While the male student was talking, a slight chill suddenly hit him on his face. He couldn’t help but step back a little, his voice getting weaker and weaker.

Yu Chu shot a glance at him.

If she recalled correctly, his name was Xiao Hao. He was their class’ commissary in charge of sports, responsible for turning in the sports meet’s registration forms.

Yu Chu had some impression of him. He was always known in school as a sunny, cheerful lad. His features were considerably good-looking, and he seemingly had good feelings towards the campus goddess, Zhang Meng.

So…is he here to avenge his goddess?

The women’s 3,000-meter run had always been a big headache for every class’ sports commissary. Every time, they had to exert a lot of effort to coax a female student to participate.

From what Xiao Hao has said… Looks like he has signed me up for the 3,000-meter run without my consent?

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1 year ago

Oh really? Let’s see how my boyfriend teaches you a lesson 😆

Thanks for the chapter 😉

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