100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 149: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (21)

The original host’s PE was horrible. She had never received a passing mark for the 800-meter run. Although the 3,000-meter run and 800-meter run were totally different matters, they were the same for the physically weak original host. Participating in either of these was like asking for her life.     

Moreover, Yu Chu couldn’t change the original host’s physical condition in such a short time.

As things stand, the other party’s evil intention was quite evident.

He had a crush on Zhang Meng, who, like most girls, was yearning for Ji Chen day and night, so Yu Chu felt that it was plausible for him to have ill intentions towards her.

After all, she had not only slapped Zhang Meng, but she was also the target of Ji Chen’s affection.

He wants to bully me just because Ji Chen is no longer around?

Yu Chu smirked and shot a glance at Xiao Hao.

Her gaze made Xiao Hao’s hair stand on end. He was about to say something when he suddenly heard the sound of something flying over behind him. But, before he could turn around, something had already hit him hard on the head, causing him to gasp with pain.

A student playing around nearby nervously rushed over and picked up the stationery bag that fell on the ground. With a confused and nervous expression, she said, “Are you okay? I’m really sorry, I also don’t know what had happened… When I threw it, I wasn’t aiming at you…”

The student was at a loss, but she’d used quite a lot of strength when throwing, so it didn’t seem like she was throwing for fun. Xiao Hao gritted his teeth and replied with great difficulty, “I’m fine…”

Somehow, he glanced at Yu Chu.

Yu Chu was still calm and all smiles. She had one hand placed against her abdomen as she stared at him and said, “Alright, Xiao Hao, I got it.”

The registration form had already been turned in, so there was no point in blaming Xiao Hao now. Since he wanted her to make a fool of herself, then she would just do the opposite and perform well to show him. Naturally, this would be done with the help of this brat beside her.

If one looked closely, one would see that the hand on her abdomen didn’t touch her body at all. It was actually pressed against the void.

Ji Chen stood behind her with his hands wrapped around her waist, and his head leaned against her ear. The look in his pitch-black and beautiful eyes was cold as he stared unblinkingly at Xiao Hao standing opposite them.

Yu Chu squeezed his hand to placate him, her fingertips brushing against the back of his hand.

Ji Chen lowered his eyes and hugged her tightly with a dissatisfied look on his face.

Yu Chu turned around and calmly sat down with her gaze lowered, no longer paying attention to Xiao Hao.

Xiao Hao was somewhat stunned.

He initially thought that Hao Chu would flare up and ask him to cross off her name from the participants’ list… But, of course, the registration forms were already handed in, so he could no longer make any changes.

But, to his surprise, she’d accepted it so calmly.

As for Hao Chu’s PE grades, Xiao Hao was naturally aware of them because, after all, he was the commissary in charge of sports. 

If she really participated in the long-distance run, she’d undoubtedly disgrace herself.

Yet, she agreed just like that?

Since things went so smoothly, Xiao Hao had a feeling like it shouldn’t have been this easy. He stood there in a long daze until Yu Chu raised her head and asked with a good-natured smile, “Is there anything else?”

He subconsciously replied, “No…”

He only came back to his senses after saying that. He looked at Yu Chu with a complicated gaze before turning and left. 

Yu Chu didn’t bother with him at all.

She was on day duty today.

When the students walked out of the classroom, she stayed behind and tiptoed to wipe the blackboard.

Suddenly, the eraser she was holding in her hand disappeared. When she looked up, she saw Ji Chen holding the blackboard eraser and cleaning the top part of the blackboard as he smiled at her.

Rays of sunsetty light poured in from the other side of the window, enveloping the entire classroom in a warm and yellow hue, with the desks and chairs casting straight shadows on the ground.

Ji Chen leaned down and gently kissed Yu Chu on the lips.

Yu Chu then took the eraser back from his hand with a gentle smile forming at the corners of her mouth.

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