100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 150: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (22)

Her smile was beautiful.

Her features could be considered delicate and pretty from an aesthetic point of view. However, amidst a sea of people, she would no longer be the most eye-catching one and would be drowned out. Maybe this was why Ji Chen had never noticed her before.

Somehow, he still believed that they had only met for the first time at the villa.

It was still the same face, but no matter what expression she made, it was impossible for him to take his eyes off her.

Just like her current smiling expression with the warm and sunsetty light reflected off her eyes, it was a bright and resplendent sight.

Ji Chen’s gaze deepened, and he uncontrollably leaned over. His lips lightly brushed against her face as he gently planted a kiss.

Suddenly, he sensed someone’s gaze from the window and frowned. An idea popped up in his mind, and he hooked Yu Chu’s chin with his finger to face him.

Then, as if there was a gust of wind, the curtains suddenly rose and covered the figure of the girl standing in front of the blackboard.

Amidst the sunlight and empty space, a vague, beautiful silhouette suddenly leaned down and kissed the girl on the lips.

When the fluttering curtains blocked the view, Xiao Hao finally came back to his senses. He rubbed his eyes and turned to lean against the wall outside the classroom. His eyes were widened, and he seemed to be in a trance.

That smile was still flashing back in front of his eyes.

It was bizarre, but his heart was thumping like crazy at this moment. He sucked in a deep breath and vigorously shook his head.

How strange. It was undoubtedly an illusion. 

Her features were obviously not amazingly stunning, but that smile seemingly gave me an illusion, as if it penetrated my soul. 

Her gaze was so gentle… She was clearly staring at the void, but it was as if she was staring at something…

It was a genuine smile full of tenderness from the inside out.

He absentmindedly straightened his posture as he stood there. Shortly after, he abruptly raised his hand and patted his face a few times. He then stared at the palm of his hand and desperately tried to think about his real goddess… After some time had passed, he finally pursed his lips and turned to leave, striding away in the opposite direction.


The sports meet finally commenced.

The weather was good, the sky a cloudless blue.

The red tartan track was surrounded by large green mats in the center. Circled by stepped seats, every class had its own area.

Third-year students never had to participate in these sports meets before, but this year was an exception. The principal and teachers made known that since many third-year students were low-spirited due to the pressure of their studies, they had specifically allowed them to join this year’s sports meet to let them relax a little.

The first item on the agenda was the entrance ceremony. As expected, the prettiest girl in class, Zhang Meng, became the leader of their cheerleading squad.

The other female students, though, were a bit unhappy with her because of the previous incident. But, they didn’t object in the end as Zhang Meng was indeed the prettiest amongst them. It was just that when they were rehearsing their formation, the girls were giving her the cold shoulder.

Zhang Meng knew that she was in the wrong, so she didn’t say anything.

Her disposition was flamboyant to begin with, so she’d received many supercilious looks from the other girls. This inevitably made her feel aggrieved and indignant.

Only Xiao Hao went over to comfort her.

Yu Chu, however, found something a bit strange.

When the class sat down in their own area, the cheerleaders were busy practicing their formation in front, and Xiao Hao was at the side directing them. But, from time to time, he would cast her a few glances.

But, when Yu Chu looked towards him, he would quickly turn back and evade her gaze.

“…” Yu Chu expressionlessly thought: I wonder what other evil tricks he has up his sleeves this time…

Ji Chen snorted.

He sat next to Yu Chu, so other students inexplicably didn’t dare to come and sit next to her. Thus, Yu Chu could occupy two seats by herself. It was very spacious.

When the 3,000-meter run was about to begin, Yu Chu got up from her seat to get ready. When she walked down the bleachers hand in hand with Ji Chen, a beverage bottle was suddenly extended over to her.

She instantly froze.

Xiao Hao stared at her and subconsciously averted his eyes before whispering, “Don’t, don’t disgrace yourself later.”

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I wouldn’t mimd having such a loving-caring-attentige-loyal ghost boyfriend ❤

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