100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 152: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (24)

With Ji Chen’s help, Yu Chu felt as if the wind had lifted her body and gave her a boost. Even after completing the latter half of the race, she wasn’t breathless, nor was her face flushed from all that running.

The moment she crossed the finish line, she saw the girls in the spectator’s stand waving excitedly at her. Some of them even covered their mouths with reddened eyes.

Hey… What kind of dramatic, heartwarming love plot did you guys make up in your heads?

She sighed. A girl immediately brought a towel and a bottle of water over. She was super attentive towards Yu Chu and seemingly ignored the chilly aura that Ji Chen had exuded.

Even though he’d become a ghost, Ji Chen still didn’t like the feeling of being surrounded by a crowd. He stood a distance away from the group and silently frowned. There was a trace of displeasure in his eyes, but as he stared at the helpless Yu Chu amidst the crowd, the corner of his lips slowly curled into an amused smile.

Never mind, since this group of people had cheered hard for her earlier, I’ll let it pass this time.

He lazily floated in mid-air and looked around. His gaze then landed on Xiao Hao standing nearby. The latter had a bottle of water in his hand but seemingly didn’t dare to approach. Seeing this, Ji Chen squinted, and a dangerous glint flashed across his eyes.

Yu Chu finally broke free from the group of girls and walked over to Ji Chen’s side, holding his hand in hers.

Her lips curled into a smile. When she looked up, she saw Zhang Meng standing some distance away, staring at her with a look full of resentment.

Zhang Meng naturally couldn’t see Ji Chen.

She only saw the smile tugged at the corner of Yu Chu’s lips. This inexplicably stung her eyes, so she quickly looked away. 

Yu Chu smirked, but she didn’t bother with her.

Ji Chen, however, frowned. He lowered his gaze and pulled her hand, whispering, “I don’t like her looking at you like that.”

His displeased tone made the corners of Yu Chu’s lips uncontrollably curl into a smile, and she gently patted his hand to pacify him.

She didn’t bother to do anything to Zhang Meng.

That was only if the other party didn’t actively look for trouble.

After the sports meet, Yu Chu’s name became well-known throughout the school. There were eyes on her wherever she went. The girls were exceptionally friendly towards her.

Prince Charming Ji Chen was no more, so no one would be jealous of her or anything like that. Instead, out of a sense of nostalgia, they wanted to protect the girl Prince Charming once liked.

Yu Chu thus genuinely became the school’s favorite…

After the sports meet, the mood of the third-year students dampened again. All kinds of exams came one after another, and the exam papers filled the sky like snowflakes, flooding the entire classroom.

Yu Chu soon faced the so-called placement test.

Bright sunlight poured in from the windows, making the classroom warm and cozy. If it wasn’t for the exam, Yu Chu would have long fallen asleep on her desk.

She yawned and rubbed her eyes. When she filled in ‘a’ on the exam paper, a clear and pleasant voice sounded, “No, you have to choose c.”

Yu Chu looked up at Ji Chen.

Since it was exam period, every student was sitting alone. Thus, Ji Chen was sitting at the desk next to hers. With one hand propped up on the desk, he cast a sidelong glance at her with a smile tugged at his lips. 

He made a ‘c’ gesture with his other hand. His slender fingers reflected against the sunlight appeared so fair that they were nearly transparent; they were extremely beautiful.

Yu Chu couldn’t help but grab the hand that was propped up on the desk and placed it on the palm of her hand. She pinched his phalanx before using her mechanical pencil to write on the test paper: [I don’t want to do it, you help me.]

She then swiftly turned the full stop at the end of her sentence to a heart shape.

Ji Chen’s eyes instantly curved into crescents, and he jumped down from the desk. A mild fragrance lingered in the air as he leaned over and held her hand in his.

“Okay, I’ll help you.”

Yu Chu tilted her head and propped it up using her left arm. She watched her right hand move on its own while holding the pen, leaving behind beautiful handwriting on the test paper.

She then half-consciously closed her eyes and slowly fell asleep.

Yona’s Corner:
Hi all, I got home later than expected hence the delay. Hope you enjoyed the chapter~

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I love how he gets mad or annoyed on her behalf. It’s adorable

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