100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 153: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (25)

Ji Chen let go of Yu Chu’s hand and cast a sidelong glance at her sleeping face. Her features were delicate and pretty as she lay on her arm, sleeping soundly.

Seeing this, his eyes subconsciously curved into crescents. He sat down next to her and propped up his chin to continue watching her sleep.

When the invigilator was making his rounds between the aisles, he saw Yu Chu lying on her desk and frowned.

He walked over and was about to ask her to get up and sit straight when he suddenly felt cold chills all over his body.

Ji Chen quietly stared at him.

Though the sun was shining brightly outside, the invigilator felt random cold chills wash over him. His heart skipped a beat. He subconsciously took a step back and walked away.

The chills then gradually dissipated.

Ji Chen finally retracted his gaze and lay his head down on the desk, unblinkingly staring at Yu Chu.

The invigilator’s heartbeat only returned to normal when he returned to the podium. He found it strange but couldn’t pinpoint exactly what felt off. He turned around and made a sweeping glance around the classroom.

He saw Yu Chu sleeping on her desk, and there was no one around her.

However, he averted his eyes.

It was prohibited to sleep in the examination halls, but his instincts somehow made him let this matter go.

When the exam was almost over, Yu Chu finally woke up and rubbed her eyes. Seeing that the test paper was already filled in, she nodded in satisfaction.

Ji Chen, who had been staring at her for nearly two hours, clung to her again and pressed his lips against her ear, softly asking, “Aren’t I amazing?” 

The invigilator happened to pass by to collect the test papers, so Yu Chu didn’t reply. One strange thing she noted was the invigilator quickening his pace after collecting her test paper. Seeing him briskly walking to the next seat, she raised an eyebrow in puzzlement. 

She then softly replied, “Mr. Top Student, you’re truly amazing!”

The praised ghost happily pounced on her, just short of pricking up his ears and wagging his tail at her.

After the exams, the atmosphere in class relaxed somewhat. The students were thrilled when their homeroom teacher agreed to show a movie during their evening self-study session. They happily chattered and discussed whether to watch a literary romance film or a sci-fi movie. However, their homeroom teacher made the final decision and announced,” ‘Homeless to Harvard’ it is.”

The students: “…”

We know that we are students, but now we are simply trying to relax a bit after the exams… Do we really have to watch an inspirational movie, now of all times? Do we?

They inwardly complained, but no one dared to say anything. In the end, they endured it at the thought that it was already very good that they get to watch a movie instead of continuing the self-study session. Following this, one of the students turned off the lights and turned on the projector to start playing the movie.

Only the light of the screen was projected in the dark. When Yu Chu turned around, her gaze landed on Ji Chen’s delicate and beautiful countenance. His complexion was slightly pale, and his long eyelashes were casting beautiful shadows on his face, making them resemble butterfly wings.

Ji Chen sensed her gaze and cast a sidelong glance at her, the corners of his lips subconsciously curving upwards. He then blinked his eyes, and his eyelashes fluttered like a fan.

He leaned over and asked, “Am I nice to look at?”

It was rather noisy inside the classroom, so Yu Chu rolled her eyes and replied, “Mhmm, you’re nicer to look at than the movie.”

Ji Chen didn’t care about the latter part of her sentence and pounced on her. “All’s good as long as you like it. Will you ever get tired of staring at me?”

Ji Chen held her hand and gently planted a kiss on her chin before covering her lips with his. He sighed and added, “Why do I always have the urge to kiss you?”

Yu Chu: “Good question…”

She also wanted to know the answer to this question. It was as if he was suffering from skin hunger. He would pounce on her, kiss and hug her at the drop of a hat. He would be thrilled whenever she responded. But, even when she ignored him, he still wouldn’t get angry and happily hug her by himself, minding his own business.

Yu Chu really couldn’t do anything with him. 

As she was pondering over this, Ji Chen clung to her again. With a smile plastered on his face, he blinked again, his eyelashes fluttering beautifully.


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1 year ago

Clingy. Hope his ghost energy doesn’t harm her lol

many thanks

7 months ago

Gosh I love him

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