100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 158: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (30)

Yu Chu was pushed against the door with a ‘thud’ the moment they entered her bedroom. Ji Chen leaned down and kissed her, their fragrances intertwining between their slight gasps as he savored her soft, ruddy lips.

Outside, Mother Hao asked in puzzlement, “Hey Chuchu, what’s going on? You were fine earlier, so what are you suddenly making a racket for?”

“Mmm…” When she finally freed herself from Ji Chen’s grasp, he pushed her against the door again. He leaned his cheek against hers and chuckled.

His clear and pleasant voice lingered on next to her ear, making Yu Chu blush. She hurriedly calmed her breathing and answered, “It’s nothing, Mum. I accidentally bumped into my desk…”

But, before she could finish her sentence, Ji Chen had already wrapped his arms around her and mischievously licked her lips with his tongue. He didn’t mind it even when Yu Chu glared at him. He was still smiling happily, his eyes curved into crescents.

Yu Chu blushed. He glared at him and whispered, “You said you wouldn’t tease me when there was someone around!”

“But, there’s no one else here.” Ji Chen then tenderly added, “Chuchu, I’ve already endured it all the way home.”

“…” Yu Chu was rendered speechless.

That was indeed the case. This brat had been clingy as hell ever since they left the subway station after their encounter with the old man. He hovered over for a couple of kisses from time to time but didn’t overdo it. Yu Chu thought that he’d behaved himself but never would she had thought that he was merely holding himself back all this time…

It’s been hard on you, young man!

Yu Chu rolled her eyes at him but received a mischievous look from him in return. Her body was lifted up in the air all of a sudden, and she hurriedly clung to Ji Chen’s neck in horror.

Ji Chen tightly wrapped his arms around her waist and placed her on the bed. He then conveniently lay on top of her and stared down at her. “I want you…”

“Want-want-want, what want?!” Yu Chu stammered. She desperately began to push him away and said, “Hey, hey, stop messing around. We have agreed to do this at a later stage…”

Ji Chen remained silent and merely smiled at her.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open.

“Chuchu…” When Mother Hao walked in, she saw Yu Chu lying on the bed with her hands folded above her head, looking at her with a stunned expression. She couldn’t help but rub her nose and ask, “Hey, what’s wrong? Get up. I have something to discuss with you.”

“Oh…” I actually forgot to lock the door…

Fortunately, my posture looked okay and merely appeared as if I was resting in bed… As she thought of this, she glared at Ji Chen again.

Ji Chen tried to coax her by helping her up. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist again.

While this little devil messed around, Yu Chu tried to sit upright and asked, “What do you want to discuss, Mum?”

“Your aunt’s family is coming by to visit. Later, when we, adults, are discussing things, please look after your cousin, Mo Liang.”

Mother Hao observed Yu Chu’s expression. Seeing that she didn’t show any signs of disapproval, she continued, “Be respectful towards Mo Liang, understood?”

Yu Chu pouted. She acted the role of a lively high school student and replied, “Mum, she needs to respect me for me to respect her. It’s not like you don’t know how she is at times. The way she acts is what one calls ‘someone with no manners’!”

Mother Hao felt helpless.

She naturally knew Mo Liang’s temperament. She was a top student with excellent grades and beautiful to boot, so she was a proud and arrogant young lady. She always held her chin up high, looking down on others.

Mo Liang didn’t like Chuchu because she had bad grades, while Chuchu didn’t like Mo Liang because of her poor character. However, since she was their guest, they couldn’t possibly be rude towards her, right?

In the end, Mother Hao could only sigh as she said, “Try to endure it and yield to her as much as you can. Her family doesn’t come by often. Since they are coming over, they must have something important to discuss. Bring Mo Liang to your room later to let us, adults, discuss things in peace.”

Yu Chu slowly nodded. “Fine…”

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Nera VithiaD
Nera Vithia
1 year ago

Why is it in chinese novels the high grader students are bitches or jerks. It’s so different from my school. Here, students with better grades usually have better attitudes too..

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