100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 159: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (31)

Mo Liang’s family soon arrived and knocked at the door. Mother Hao went to welcome them in with a big smile.

Father Hao greeted them in the living room and beckoned them to sit down.

Yu Chu followed behind them and obediently greeted her aunt and uncle. Then, she cast a sidelong glance at Mo Liang.

Mo Liang was wearing a pure white dress. As expected, she was a beauty with delicate features. But, when their gazes met, she imperceptibly snorted before looking away.

Yu Chu: “…”

In the original host’s memory, this cousin of hers was indeed not very likable.

Mo Liang was a top student with excellent grades, but she shouldn’t use this fact to look down on others.

Her aunt and uncle doted on her dearly, so Mo Liang grew up with the princess syndrome[1]The term ‘Princess Syndrome’ or ‘Princess Disease’ is generally used in East Asia to describe females who are spoiled, narcissistic, and materialistic, resulting in them … Continue reading. Whenever she looked at someone, she would look at them as if she was looking at a servant. 

Especially when Mo Liang was in front of the average-looking Hao Chu with poor grades, she would feel a stronger sense of superiority.

Yu Chu wanted to sneer at her behavior.

She walked over and respectfully asked, “Sister Mo Liang[2]In China, cousins are usually addressed as sisters and brothers as well., shall we go to my room?”

Mo Liang glanced at her and snorted. “To your room? It’s tiny as hell. I’m not going.”

Ji Chen narrowed his eyes. However, before he could raise his hand, Yu Chu held him back and slightly shook her head to indicate that she could handle this. Then, with a big smile on her face, she turned to look at the adults and said, “Aunt, I invited Sister Mo Liang to my room, but she didn’t want to come with me. How about you persuade her for me~?”

Her tone of voice was playful, making it sound as if she was joking instead of complaining. Thus, her aunt turned to look at Mo Liang. 

“What are you squirming about? Go, accompany Little Chuchu to her room and hang out with her for a while.”

Seeing that her mother was helping an outsider, Mo Liang couldn’t help but feel a little aggrieved. However, before she could retort, Yu Chu added, “That’s right, Sister Mo Liang. Since my room is not as big as yours, please put up with it for now.”

Her last remark made her aunt awkward. She glared at Mo Liang and hurriedly said, “How big can your room be? Isn’t it about the same size as Chuchu’s? Go, accompany your little sister for a while. We, adults, have things to discuss.”

Mo Liang’s expression instantly turned ugly. However, she couldn’t lose her temper in front of Father Hao and Monther Hao, so she could only let out a loud snort in the end. Without saying a word to Yu Chu, she turned around and directly headed towards her room.

Her aunt gave a forced smile and said, “We spoiled her too much at home, leading her to be so bad-tempered…”

As Mo Liang walked into Yu Chu’s room, she happened to hear those words and became furious. Without waiting for Yu Chu, she directly slammed the door shut to express her foul mood.

Yu Chu cast another glance at her ‘now thoroughly embarrassed’ aunt before walking towards her room as if nothing had happened.

That girl is much fiercer than Ji Chen. Besides, she’s not even as smart as Ji Chen and not as cute as him…

Uhh, wait! There’s no way to compare them.

She held Ji Chen’s hand and took him back to her room. When she opened the door, she saw Mo Liang standing in front of her desk, looking through her homework.

Yu Chu frowned and kept quiet, but her impression of Mo Liang had gone down another level.

It’s very impolite of her.

Mo Liang looked up at Yu Chu with a surprised look on her face. She then flipped through the exercise book again with a puzzled expression. Her tone was slightly tart as she remarked, “Your handwriting is not bad.”

Yu Chu glanced at the exercise book.

It was the homework that Ji Chen helped her complete…

Mo Liang flipped through another page and suddenly let out a shriek. She raised her hand and saw a paper cut on her finger. There were tiny beads of blood oozing out of it.

She angrily threw the exercise book away and complained, “What kind of paper quality is this? Why is it so rough!”

Yu Chu glanced at Ji Chen.

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1 The term ‘Princess Syndrome’ or ‘Princess Disease’ is generally used in East Asia to describe females who are spoiled, narcissistic, and materialistic, resulting in them acting like or believing that they are ‘princesses’.
2 In China, cousins are usually addressed as sisters and brothers as well.
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