100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 160: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (32)

Ji Chen smiled and complacently looked at Yu Chu with a pair of innocent eyes. He reached out and hugged her. “I’m just teaching her a lesson.”

Yu Chu nodded her head in approval and saw Mo Liang stomp over furiously. “Hey, what are you doing here, standing in a daze? Can’t you see that I’m hurt? Give me a band-aid!”

Yu Chu glanced at her wound. Suddenly, Mo Liang felt a chill in the air. It was so cold that it nearly penetrated into her bones.

She couldn’t help but shiver and subconsciously took a few steps back.

Staring at Yu Chu with a baffled look, she asked, “Why are you so cold?”

Yu Chu looked at the sky and replied, “No, I’m not. It’s almost evening. You’re just not wearing enough clothes.”

Mo Liang cast her a suspicious look before moving her gaze back to her wound. She then discontentedly cried out, “Where’s the band-aid? I asked you to give me one earlier. Are you deaf?”

Yu Chu spread her hands out and replied, “I don’t have any at home.”

Mo Liang glared at her angrily. “You don’t even have a band-aid at home? Then, what about my wound?”

Then, she stomped towards the door and opened it. She stomped outside and yelled, “Mum, my hand is bleeding, but Hao Chu is telling me that she doesn’t even have a band-aid at home!”

She thought Yu Chu had band-aids but purposely didn’t give her one because she held malice towards her. But, even if Yu Chu were to not like someone, she would never stoop so low… Thus, Mother Hao directly confirmed, “We ran out of band-aids and didn’t manage to restock them yet. How about this? I’ll let Chuchu go out and buy new ones for you.”

The fact that there were no band-aids had been verified. Since Yu Chu didn’t lie, it now seemed as if Mo Liang was the one being unreasonable. Mo Liang’s face immediately turned a few shades uglier. Under her mother’s glare, she reluctantly mumbled, “In that case, I… I’ll go with her.”

Her mother hastily helped her smooth things over and said, “You two hadn’t seen each other for so long, so you must have a lot to talk about, right? Why don’t you girls go out and have some fun together? Only, don’t stay out too late!”

“Okay,” Mo Liang directly agreed.

In any case, she didn’t want to stay with Hao Chu. After going out, they could go their separate ways. 

Out of sight, out of mind.

Yu Chu glanced at her and nodded.

The two of them then departed together. Mo Liang pondered over things and raised an eyebrow at Yu Chu, saying, “Btw, I heard there’s an amusement park around here. I want to go.”

Yu Chu blinked. This girl’s shamelessness had rendered her speechless. I’m pretty sure that she’s agreed to leave earlier only because she’d wanted to shake me off once we were outside. But, now that she’s thought of the amusement park, she suddenly wants to drag me along…

I bet she’s asking because she didn’t have enough pocket money.

Yu Chu thought about it. She might as well visit the amusement park with Ji Chen. After getting there, she could just shake Mo Liang off.

Since she was their guest, she had to take good care of her. If she didn’t invite her to the amusement park, Mother Hao would certainly lecture her later.

Thus, Yu Chu nodded. “Okay, let’s go.”

Ji Chen obediently followed her. After buying the tickets, they walked into the amusement park. He thoughtfully looked up at the colorful Ferris wheel basking in the evening sun.

Mo Liang walked in front, and Yu Chu slowly lagged behind. She smiled at Ji Chen and whispered, “You said before that you wanted to come to the amusement park, right? Which rides or games do you want to try first?”

Ji Chen looked at her with sparkling eyes and hugged her. He rubbed his cheek against her face and said, “I’ve never been to an amusement park because it’s not fun to come here alone.”

“Now, there’s me.” Yu Chu smiled at him.

Ji Chen bit his lips and revealed a charming smile. He leaned down and was about to kiss her when someone spoke, spoiling the mood. 

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