100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 161: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (33)

“Hey, what are you doing, lagging so far behind?!”

Mo Liang impatiently yelled. Then, she felt waves of chill, emanated from Yu Chu’s side. She couldn’t help but back away in fear and said in shock, “It’s so cold around you… I can feel the coldness even from here!”

Yu Chu faintly smiled at Mo Liang and squeezed Ji Chen’s hand to appease him. She then heard Mo Liang say in a low voice, “Forget it. Hey, come over here. There are so many people here. If we’re not paying attention, it’s easy to lose sight of each other.”

This… She still wants to hang out with me?

Yu Chu was slightly surprised.

When Mo Liang saw the surprised look on Yu Chu’s face, she instantly felt aggrieved and hurriedly explained, “You think I want to hang out with you? I just don’t want my mother to blame me later for not taking good care of you. Hurry up and get over here!”

Yu Chu was rendered speechless. She pursed her lips before raising an eyebrow and whispered, “Let’s go to the haunted house attraction. How about we scare her and then shake her off?”

Her eyes lit up, full of expectations.

Yu Chu had always been calm, so Ji Chen had never seen her reveal such a cunning look, so he was staring blankly at her. He blinked and recovered his senses. His voice subconsciously softened as he obediently nodded and replied, “Okay.”

Yu Chu then walked towards Mo Liang and flashed an innocent smile. “Sister Mo Liang, let’s go to the haunted house attraction. I’ve never been to a haunted house before.”

“Haunted house?” Mo Liang raised an eyebrow. The corner of her mouth twitched as she added, “Let’s go then, but when you get scared later, you can’t blame me.”

Yu Chu pursed her lips and nodded, faintly smiling at her.

She gauged from the original host’s memory that Mo Liang was a fearless person and had never been afraid of ghosts and such since she was a kid.


Her fearlessness was based on the fact that she didn’t believe in supernatural things.

Yu Chu happily grabbed Ji Chen’s hand and advanced towards the haunted house attraction.

The entrance to the haunted house was a very gloomy-looking tent. Inside was pitch-dark, so they couldn’t see what was hidden in there. The staff simply handed them two flashlights and smiled at them before nodding and letting them in.

Mo Liang walked in indifferently, and Yu Chu followed behind her. 

Ji Chen hugged Yu Chu and softly asked, “Aren’t you afraid of ghosts?”

The scene of their first meeting was still freshly imprinted in his mind. Ji Chen thought to himself: When she saw me at that time, her legs were shaking non-stop. She was so scared that she was about to cry.

Yu Chu pondered for a moment and shook her head. “It’s okay now. I’m not afraid anymore.”

In fact, the original host was the one who was ‘afraid of ghosts’.

This realm was a special case as there were no wishes to be completed for the original host. However, a ‘no-wishes’ mission didn’t necessarily mean that it would be an easy one.

Because the condition for completing a ‘no-wishes’ mission was that Yu Chu couldn’t break the original host’s character.

In the previous realm, she immersed herself closely in the original host’s character to not be suspected by the people around her and to facilitate the mission. But in this realm, it was mandatory for her to adjust to the original host’s character setting.

Yu Chu originally intended to help Ji Chen realize his wishes to gain his approval. Then, once that was accomplished, she would return to the Lord God’s space and proceed to another plane for the next mission.

But the little devil changed his wish midway and declared that he wanted to be with her. So, the original mission of simply wanting to gain his approval went back to an ‘affection’ mission… This being the case, she would naturally remain here and wouldn’t return to the Lord God’s space ahead of schedule.

If their affection wasn’t deep, she could always leave sooner. But if he started to develop feelings and cared about her a lot, she couldn’t just walk away.

She must accompany him until the end.

The restrictions imposed by the character setting were only for a limited time and not permanent. And, so far, the original host’s character setting only had little influence on Yu Chu.

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