100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 162: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (34)

As for ghosts, she wasn’t that afraid of them anymore. After all, she’d spent so many days with a ghost who pounced on her with hugs and kisses all the time. Thus, even if Yu Chu herself was afraid of ghosts, her fear would’ve already been numbed by now.

The corners of her mouth couldn’t help but twitch at this thought.

It was very dark inside the haunted house. A few girls came in before Yu Chu and Mo Liang, so they could hear those girls screaming from time to time.

Long strands of black whiskers were hanging overhead. They seemed like spider webs but resembled human hair as well. With the wind blowing indistinctly, the ambiance was quite scary.

Under their feet were scattered and fragmented white bones. A red-colored liquid resembling blood was oozing out from the floor and walls from time to time. Yu Chu quietly squeezed Ji Chen’s hand and winked at him.

Ji Chen’s lips curled up slightly. He rubbed her hair and whispered, “You’re so playful.”

His tone was low but contained a trace of dotingness. Even though they were in this eerie haunted house atmosphere, he still managed to tease Yu Chu until her ears flushed red.

Ji Chen nonchalantly hugged her from behind, his lips curved up in a slight smile. He stared at the impatient Mo Liang walking in front and narrowed his eyes.

Mo Liang walked very fast. She only stopped after walking for a while, thinking to herself that she must’ve left Yu Chu far behind by now. She then turned around to check and, as expected, there was no one behind her.

Not far ahead, the other girls suddenly screamed in horror. The corners of Mo Liang’s twitched, somewhat irritated.

A bunch of cowards.

She was already bored and simply stood there to wait for Yu Chu, feeling a bit annoyed. If she were to get lost in here, my parents would surely criticize me, so I should save myself from all that trouble and wait for her here… 

Aside from those distant screams that could be heard from time to time, Mo Liang was surrounded by silence. Only dripping sounds could be faintly heard, as if some weird liquid was dripping from the ceiling.

Suddenly, Mo Liang’s left shoulder was patted.

She turned her head in boredom, expecting to see a scary ghost impersonated by one of the staff members. However, there was no one behind her.

She momentarily froze. The corners of her mouth twitched as soon as she recovered. 

Then, her shoulder was patted again.

She halted and looked back but saw no one again. She pursed her lips with interest. She looked around to see if she could find a mechanism.

Meanwhile, she got another pat on the shoulder.

Mo Liang quickly turned around.

But, there was still no one in sight.

She couldn’t help but find this strange now. She walked from the wall area to the center and turned her head to look behind her.

Her right shoulder was patted this time.

Even though she’d quickly turned to check, she still saw nothing. From where she was standing, the space was empty, so nothing could touch her. Even if it was a gimmick, what patted her couldn’t have possibly shrunk back so fast without her noticing it.

What is it…?

She swallowed hard.

Unknowingly, even those distant screams could no longer be heard. There was only the sound of liquid dripping, and it sounded particularly clear this time.



Mo Liang gritted her teeth. She no longer wanted to wait for Yu Chu. She was planning to head out by herself first. The gimmicks in this haunted house were truly well designed. Even though she knew there were no ghosts in this world, these weird gimmicks and eerie atmosphere still made her hairs stand on end.

She hurriedly advanced towards the exit.

Her shoulder was patted again, startling her out of her wits. She couldn’t believe this at all. How could the device touch me even when I’m walking this fast?

She looked back but didn’t see anything. Yet, as she was turning her head, her shoulder was tapped again. Mo Liang saw it clearly this time. There was nothing there, no device or person touching her at all.

She finally screamed.

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1 year ago

Kinda feel bad for her

1 year ago

Thank you for the chapters

1 year ago

Hahahahaha thanks for the chapter 👻

p.s. the FL is called Yu Chu not Hao Chu right?

1 year ago

I think that Yu Chu is the transmigrator’s name but Hao Chu is the name of the girl, who Yu Chu took the body of.

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