100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 163: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (35)

Yu Chu uncontrollably burst into laughter.

She was standing nearby and watched Mo Liang dash towards the exit while screaming all the way, startling a staff member who was about to scare her.

After Yu Chu was done laughing, she softly asked, “How did you do that? She seemingly hadn’t seen us at all.”

“It was just a small trick.” The corner of Ji Chen’s lips curled upwards. He held her hand and added, “Let’s go. We’re leaving too.”

The haunted house had several exits. Usually, visitors who came in groups would stay and leave together. However, Mo Liang had already rushed out alone, so Yu Chu didn’t follow her and left the haunted house through another exit with Ji Chen.

The sun had already gone down, and the night silently enveloped the entire area. The street lights in the amusement park were lit up, and some distance away, the carousel was illuminated by colorful lights. It was a very picturesque scene, like a dreamy fairy tale world.

Since the bothersome Mo Liang was no longer around, and she was holding hands with the person… Uhm, no, holding hands with the ‘ghost’ she liked, Yu Chu found the soft evening breeze very pleasant. It filled her heart with sweetness.

“Which attraction do you want to try next?” she asked.

Ji Chen smiled at her, his fair complexion tinged with the warm-colored lights. The colorful lights were reflected off his eyes, making for a breathtaking sight. He pursed his lips as he pondered. Then, his eyes lit up, and he replied, “I want to ride the Ferris wheel with you.”

Legend had it that lovers kissing at the highest point on the Ferris wheel would surely grow old together.

Yu Chu looked back at him and smiled. “Okay.”

They walked hand in hand to the Ferris wheel, and the staff opened the door to let Yu Chu in. After she walked in, the staff moved sideways and paused for a few seconds before closing the door.

He was somewhat puzzled but didn’t take it to heart.

The Ferris wheel slowly started to spin. When it reached the very top, Ji Chen leaned over with a smirk. He tilted Yu Chu’s chin up with his fingertip, and his lips slowly covered hers.

It was a sweet, gentle kiss.

The entire city was lightened up beneath them, like a river of stars flowing on the surface. The dim lights of the night were truly enchanting.

It was as if the stars were saying, “You must grow old together.” 


When Yu Chu and Ji Chen arrived home, Mo Liang was already there. She had arrived long ago and, as expected, she was complaining non-stop. She kept describing what she had encountered in the haunted house. Her mother gave her a skeptical smile and bade farewell to Father Hao and Mother Hao. The mother-daughter pair then left together.

Yu Chu shrugged and returned to her room.

Ji Chen had finally visited the amusement park and rode the Ferris wheel, so he was delighted. He flopped down upon the bed, hugged the big teddy bear placed at the bedhead, and rolled back and forth… Though he was 189cm tall, he appeared very childish at this moment.

Even though he was acting childish, he still looked adorkable. Perhaps, this was all thanks to his good looks.

That was right…his good looks even made a bunch of girls at school fall head over heels for him.

Yu Chu looked at him and chuckled. She grabbed a set of clothes from the closet and walked to the bathroom to take a shower.

When she was done, she climbed into bed. Ji Chen snuggled over and gave her the thing that he was holding in his hand. His eyes were glistening as he said, “Look, we were standing together!”

Yu Chu glanced at it. It was an old class photo.

Ji Chen propped himself up on the pillow and stared at the class photo. After staring at it for a while, he knitted his eyebrows. Then, he cast her a sidelong glance, and with a semi-bewildered and semi-cute look, he stated, “Somehow…I feel like the ‘you’ in this photo doesn’t resemble the current you.”

“…” Of course not, that’s the original host.

The original host was lucky that day. She happened to stand right next to Ji Chen. She was blushing the entire time and was happy for several days afterward. The other girls in her class were so envious of her. Some of them even photoshopped the class photo once they’d received the digital copy.

However, Ji Chen, the person in question, didn’t know about the girls’ feelings. Thus, he was completely ignorant of the situation.

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